How This 2,000 Year Old Mummy Has Perfect Skin

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In 1971, workers in China’s Hunan Province unearthed one of the world’s most amazing archeological sites. The area contained three elaborate tombs. One belonged to a well-to-do civil servant, Marquis of Dai. The other two tombs contained his wife, Lady Dai, and their son.

Unlike the dried-out mummies found in ancient Egypt and other parts of the world, Lady Dai’s remains were remarkably preserved. After 2,000 years, her skin was still supple, she’d retained her hair and eyelashes, and her limbs and joints were still flexible. 

What was her skincare secret?

After much research, it was concluded that Lady Dai’s body was found within four rectangular pine constructs that sat inside one another. She was wrapped in silk ribbons and buried beneath layers of activated charcoal and clay.

How do charcoal + clay work in combination?

While a fun fact, it really was not a surprise to me once I found out how Lady Dai kept her soft physique.

I already know charcoal and clay are BFFS. I invented a whole product around it.

As the name tells us, activated charcoal is charcoal that has been activated. It gets activated by exposing it to high heat which makes it have a purer structure with more surface area. This means the activated charcoal becomes a porous substance that’s able to absorb toxins.

Clays are known for their amazing cleansing and purifying properties. Clay pulls excess oil from the skin so it feels clean and refreshed. The right clays treat acne, reduce scars, treat psoriasis, regenerate skin tissue, draw out toxins from the skin and more.