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I often get asked what my favorite, go-to natural makeup choices are. While I’ve recently set up a store to answer what brands and boutiques are my personal preference for their purity and luxury beauty products, I want to share which particular items I actually use to create my daily look. This post will link you right over to these faves of mine – and how I keep a flawless face on the daily (even in this ridiculous end of summer heat!)

Head on over to my Glowing and Glamorous makeup tutorial to see how I create this look!

Use code organiclife at checkout for 15%-20% off many of these items!

Skincare – My absolute favorite skincare items to keep glamorous in this recent heat is Mun’s No.1 Aknari Brightening Youth Serum & Vered’s Therapeutic Balancing Face Oil (one of the first I ever mentioned using on this blog!  Still a favorite 3 years later!)  I use Josh Rosebrook’s Oculus Formula on my dark circles and Osmia’s spot treatment to eliminate acne.

Lips – For a pop of color my go-to is the Tara Adorned Blushing Mousse, which adds a dewey, lovely rosy red color to the cheeks, lips or eyes. Check out the wildly positive reviews here.  Use code TARA20 for 20% off of the Blushing Mousse. A few years ago I switched from nasty, crude oil contaminated Vaseline to an all natural, organic miracle product called Waxelene ($4.99 for the lip balms and just $17.99 for a 9 oz jar – which lasts over a year!)  I use this creamy, beeswax base product every day to plump and hydrate my lips as well as deal with any dry spots I’m experiencing.  It really is the best lip balm ever and it kicks dryness butt! For lipstick, nothing gets better than organic, fan favorite Nudus.  My favorite colors are Revenge, Survivor or Halo!

Foundation – I recently fell in love with Vapour’s Soft Focus Foundation and I’ve never turned back! It honestly covers effortlessly and feels so magical to wear.  Skin can breathe and it covers any blemishes flawlessly.

Concealer – The same week I fell head over heals with Vapour’s Illusionist Concealor.  Feels and looks amazing and gets a tremendous amount of compliments!  I also adore this sparkling concealer stick from W3ll People for a beautiful way to tackle dark under eye circles.  The lighter the shade – the brighter it looks!

Bronzer –  I absolutely adore the Tara California Bronzing Mousse for a natural, creamy, organic glow.  It smells amazing and also heals my skin as I use it with prickly pear seed oil, jojoba oil and healing EO’s. Check out the wildly positive reviews here and use code TARA20 for 20% off!  I also like using Modern Minerals Forever Summer blush for a sparkling, shimmery powder finish.

Powder – Speaking of powders, this ritual took me awhile to get accustomed to, but it has been essential these last few months to combat oily skin in this heat! I absolutely love love love Studio 78’s Pamper Powder! It lasts all day and I don’t have to apply a lot of it and “coat” my face.  It just does the job – hands down!  My go-to when I have a troubling skin day is Modern Minerals Foundation.

Highlighter – I love using highlighter in the inside of my eyes to illuminate my face, as well as my cheekbones, the bow of my lip, and anywhere else I want to bring brightness to! Use code TARA20 for 20% off any of these highlighters:  I use the Tara Glow Creme Luminizer each and every day.  Smells and feels amazing, is creamy, eye catching and blends beautifully! On special nights out I always go for RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer or RMS’s Eye Polish in Lunar.

Brows – I use EcoBrow in Penelope exclusively.  Totally safe and it lasts all day long!  I use the EcoBrow defining brush to apply it!

Lashes – Ever since I did one sample swipe of Lily Lolo’s Mascara, I was hooked.  Haven’t found one that my lashes love more than this, although I do use others for when I want a more “natural” look.  This is my go-to for a glam, natural lash! I love Ilia’s mascara as well for a down to earth feel.

Body – My body care is a little more complex, but I’ll mention what I use on the daily.  I start every day with the Radiant Glow Oil.  Natural mica creates an organic shimmer that lasts all day, plus nourishing oils like barbary fig seed, jojoba oil and Watermelon Seed oil make up this holy grail of body care.  Then, this sensual body oil by Metta is just like butter – addicting, amazing, nourishing, and calming.  I love it in Lavender!

I’m so happy to be able to have shared this with you today! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below. I’m happy to answer anything you want to know about my favorites.  All of these choices contain organic, natural, safe ingredients.  None of the companies do animal testing and all of the products are 100% safe to use!

with love,