DIY Detox Face Mask

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This all natural face mask will have your skin thanking you!  It’s luxurious, effective, very affordable and easy to make.  It also smells amazing! I use mine 3-5 times a week to cleanse and detoxify my skin and it has worked wonders in preventing break outs and curing acne and post-acne redness! It also works really well as a spot treatment.  As you can tell, I’m a little in love with my skin saving concoction. And super excited to share it!


All of the ingredients can be purchased here.

5 Tbsp each of:

  • Turmeric to Calm Skin Inflammation & Redness.
  • Cinnamon for calcium, fiber, iron and manganese on your skin.  Within its bark are healing essential oils.
  • Raw Cacao to fight free radicals.  Cacao contains the highest antioxidants of any food in the World, and will draw gunk out of your pores.
  • French Green Clay to heal and detox skin.
  • Dead Sea Salt for youth!  Dead Sea salt benefits have shown a 40% reduction in the depth of wrinkling.


  • Combine Ingredients
  • Scoop out a palmful and place in a bowl.
  • Add Water, Coconut or Aloe Juice/Water.
  • Mix together until it is textured but not runny.
  • Brush on a damp, bare face with a makeup brush or your fingers.  Avoid eyes as the Cinnamon and Turmeric may be irritating.
  • Let dry for 45 minutes. Relax.
  • Wash with filtered water.

Enjoy smooth, youthful skin!