The Wellness-Centered Retreat That Will Change Your Life:

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Imagine a lush, tropical paradise island, nearly unchanged by man. Palm trees greet you in every direction. Ocean water laps at the coast – it’s healing, bath-warm and so clear it is see-through. A relaxing, no-stress environment full of helpful, friendly people who always have a smile on their face and a native greeting for you. There is no pollution of any kind to be seen: no streetlights, hardly any cars, no noise pollution, no trash and no excess people. Tropical birds and ocean waves are your only background noise for five days. A world far removed from the day-to-day stress and over-stimulation that we’re used to.

It’s hard to imagine anything more reinvigorating than a few days at our health-centered retreat, huddled away on its own scarcely-traveled island in Tahiti. Whether you’re into hiking or yoga, or just need a nap-inducing day at the beach to relax, book now to rejuvenate both mind and body. It feels like your own private oasis. (Oh, and expect plenty of sand, sun, and amazing, fresh dining, too.)

We’re counting down the days until The Organic Life Paradise Retreat – and this is your last week to sign up! Founded on the key pillars of relaxation, restoration and healthy eating, this retreat is ideal for a whole host of rejuvenation-seeking travelers.

You can’t get much closer to nirvana than Huahine, Tahiti – also called The Garden of Eden. Feel the stress begin to melt away the moment you step off your plane in Huahine – as you’ll be greeted family-style by the natives (this had me in tears it was so beautiful!)

Continue decompressing at your beach bungalow and enjoy the resort’s personalized guest services. Dip your feet in the water or grab some gear and go snorkeling! There is also a small boat and kayaks for exploring the depths of the shore (if that’s your thing!)

For those who are a little more adventurous, we have also coordinated day-trips to an organic farm, private and sacred spots on the island. Your retreat includes a day-long boat tour around Huahine, where you can snorkel with rare tropical fish or swim with friendly reef sharks. This boat tour finishes on a private island, where you’ll be served drinks and dinner to your hearts content! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip and one of my personal favorite parts!

There will also be plenty of trips to the beach, yoga and of course – shopping and drinks. As stated, this is the last week to sign up! (Check out more photos here)

Trust me on this – Huahine is unlike any other place in the World. I came back last month and am still feeling all the good vibes from my magical days on the island. I am changed forever in all the best ways. I am so excited to bring you this experience and watch your life change for the better, too!

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