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Since announcing that The Organic Wedding was happening, I’ve received roughly 8 zillion questions about the deets of our ceremony, like dates, location, theme, dress. Thought I’d do an update since it’s inspiration to get myself in gear as well as a good time to update you guys on our wedding plans!

Since we are both CEO’s and advocates of natural and organic wellness, we want our wedding to reflect our lifestyles as well as the deepest parts of ourselves. Here’s some of the very beginning plans that we have figured out – so far!

+The Location Location Location


We’re lucky to live in San Diego, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I mean, seriously. 72 degrees, cloudless and sunny each and every day. Baby blue skies. Pink sunsets. The place where T proposed is beyond breathtaking. It’s hard to want to go anywhere too far for the ceremony, so we’re definitely sticking with San Diego.

I want a super small, simple soiree. Less than 50 people. Intimate destination. Definitely on the beach.

I AM using it as an opportunity to force my friends and family from New York to come somewhere warm with me. You WILL leave with a tan and you DON’T have a choice.


+The Venue

We’re skipping a traditional venue and renting private property right on the beach. No, seriously.

I’m doing this shit MY way, peeps.

A mansion on the beach with an amazing view and private beach access so that I can go to and fro to the beach, sand and water whenever I want to. I don’t want anyone (like a traditional wedding venue) telling me when and where to stop the party. Thank you. 

I have picked out one thing for the ceremony, which is that Raelie (yep. my dog) will be a part of the ceremony. Another wonderful reason to have a private venue. Dog-friendly status!


+The Food

As long as everyone else is cool with eating amazing organic food, gluten free beer, organic, sulfite free wine, the food plan should go over well. We’re probably getting a chef since we’ll have a personal kitchen in our space, who will be cooking up dairy free, gluten free, grass fed and organic deliciousness!

+The Date

Wouldn’t you like to know? 😉  Haha… OK, Truthfully, we just haven’t nailed one down yet. Without the pressure of a traditional venue reservation, we haven’t had to! 🙂 As we get closer to the date, I will definitely reveal it.


+The Dress

I want a mix of bohemian and beautiful, elegant and traditional. I think I found the dress. It’s not this one, but this one DEFINITELY inspired me, and I’ve found the perfect balance between old-school and modern, creative and conventional, which I am having made organically and sustainably.

OK. Maybe that was short but truthfully, that’s about ALL I have figured out so far! Feel free to let me know what your favorite part of your wedding was, what you loved about it, what you wish you’d done differently… Traditional or non-traditional, I would love to hear it!!

(Engagement Photo by Carie Cruz Photography)