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We’re all in this together. Whether you buy eco-friendly fashion or carbon credits, it’s important to put your hard earned money into thoughtful purchases with real importance.  Just like anything else, we can make fashion choices and purchases that are more in line with our values, bringing us closer to our true selves and supporting true causes in the World around us.  Once you understand where your money goes, you really begin to understand what’s truly important to you.

We certainly shouldn’t have to compromise our wallets or our morals to look good, and we shouldn’t settle for cheap & easy fashion when there are so many wonderful causes to support!









There are many facets to what goes into a garment before it’s made available to us: a lot of people and tedious processes at work, a lot of love and care.  As with anything else that we buy, each time we make a purchase, we can choose to support companies that share our values and are more in line with the world we wish to see.





Some questions that we can ask ourselves include:

  • Who made this?  (Look out for fair trade certifications to ensure workers were not exploited)
  • Where was it made and how far did it have to travel to get here?
  • Were any animals harmed or killed in the process? (Eg. Silk, fur, leather, wool, feathers)
  • Was sustainability in mind during the production and design process?

Wildlife Works turns your dollars into programs for saving endangered and threatened wildlife and preserving forests around the globe. It’s a win-win where everyone benefits: wild animals +trees + the planet + local communities + you!

The Abstract Monkey Tee is inspired by the embroidered robes of West Africa. The robes, called agbada, feature exquisite patterns that are hand-embroidered with wild silk and cotton, and are worn on special occasions by men of prestige.

Can Fashion Save Wildlife?

At Wildlife Works, the answer is a resounding YES!

Shirt: Wildlife Works | Flower Crown: Gardens of Whimsy | Purse: Recycled & Handmade | Jacket: H&M | Glasses: Guess? | Jeans, Necklace & “Janis” Book: Thrifted 

Photographer: @rianjames | Model: Yours Truly

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