One of my favorite hobbies is traveling.  Now that I have the Chevy Volt, I can zip around just about everywhere with little environmental impact, which feels so great!

I absolutely adore this travel bag for these spontaneous trips.  It fits just about everything – from my hunky camera to my crystals, jewels, wallet, essential oils and books!  It’s so wonderfully lightweight and the design and colors are eye-catching and beautiful.

The fact that it’s upcycled and local is a green beauty dream and definite perk!  🙂

In 2012, brothers Alec and Aric Avedissian founded RAREFORM. By intercepting billboards before they reach the landfills, RAREFORM is able to create unique, upcycled bags.  Even better, RAREFORM currently manufactures its products locally in California and has joined Patagonia in donating 1% of its sales to benefit the planet.

RAREFORM is based in Santa Monica, California and manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, and accessories.

RAREFORM approaches each day as a learning opportunity, a chance to let good run wild.

This dress From The Yacht Club has been a serious comfortable favorite lately!  Perfect for San Diego’s warm weather and day trips.

Sharkbite Dress: The Yacht Club

Travel Bag: Rareform

Sandals: Native of the Earth

Necklace: One Oak By Sara

Scarf: Tiny Devotions

Photographer: Alex Grey