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California continues to astound me. She has such beautiful, magical landscapes. I get a true sense of delight and wonder from exploring the mountains. as well as the sea scape. Exploration has such an incredibly dear place in my heart because there just are no limits.  After being sick for so, so long, the ability to adventure anywhere and see just about anything in this gorgeous state makes my heart burst.  It tickles my soul, opens my eyes. I always feel like the paths I take choose me, instead of me choosing them.  I feel healthy, free, fresh, and child-like. I feel empowered and wonderful.

In my suburban childhood backyard, I often pretended that I was in the middle of huge fields, atop gigantic mountains, with nature as far as the eye could see. I had a particularly vivid flashback during this particular shoot for Treacherous Minx and Pastel Mint, which reminded me of a game I used to play with my neighbor when I was younger than six. We explored the jungle (aka our backyards – which collectively actually gave us some space!) until we “came by a snake” – which always either ended or derailed the game. “ Snake! Snake!” my little neighbor would scream, then hurriedly suggest we play jumprope or tag.

On this particular hike for the shoot, we did come across a snake!  A rattlesnake greeted us on our trial, and though he found shelter not long after spotting us, we turned around post-haste (because not being able to see him was kinda scarier than seeing him!)

It brought me right back to being a kid again; a feeling I had been missing a lot lately. It was then I remembered that the landscape, the weather, the beautiful scenery in front of me was something I had imagined again and again and again in my play as a kid: and here it was in front of me! It really made me smile.  I felt an immense self of fulfillment, accomplishment and empowerment.  I’ve carried this feeling with me throughout the last few days.

How do you feel about coincidences?  Or fate?  Do you think what we think of as a child tends to manifest, or is it all up to us?  

I’d love to hear your thought in the comments!

The Empress T-Shirt: Treacherous Minx

McKenzie Beanie / Aria Poncho : Pastel Mint

Bohemian Necklace: Sweet Freedom Jewelry

Galaxy Key Necklace: Livin’ Freely

Bull Ring & Bracelet: Victory Jewelry

Photographer: Alex Grey