How to Heal from the Inside, Out

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This week I sat down with Sister Jenna of America Meditating Radio. It feels amazing to join the ranks of Oprah, Indie Arie, Alanis Morisette and Russell Simmons, who’ve all been inspiring guests on the show (and are all some of my personal heroes!)

We got to chat about so much in a thoughtful, empowering 15 minutes, I couldn’t help but share it with you! You can catch the interview here to learn a bit about how to heal from the inside, out! Some topics we went over include:

  • The events that lead up to my wellness journey and what inspired me to take control of my life
  • How I overcame my dependency on prescription drugs
  • How my scientific, personal and spiritual knowledge helped me in battling my personal demons and coming out victorious
  • Why mindfulness and meditation play a huge role in my life
  • A summary of Cured by Nature and what inspired me to write it
  • How this blog came to be and what it means to me now
  • My favorite life quotes and more information about what I’m working on

My big take away was that we all have infinite opportunities to expand and grow (tweet this).

Hope you enjoy it!

With Love,