4 Ways To Break Bad Habits

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You can take control of your health and win the war against your own mind—if only you know how!

Many people who read my bestselling first book, Cured by Nature, had the same follow-up question. That’s inspiring that you overcame all of your odds, they said. That’s incredible that you recognized what was hurting you. That’s amazing that you took your health into your own hands and got your life back. But, they wanted to know: How?

How, exactly, did I stop the addictions that were killing me? How have I resisted turning back to harmful habits for seven years? How did I build the willpower? How did I replace my bad habits with good ones? How have I built successful businesses, and how do I live a healthy, vibrant life, making an income doing what I love?

By practicing the simple new rituals that you’ll learn about here and in my new book, you can rapidly transform your life.


WHAT WE DO: Our bias towards negativity encourages us to see our failures, instead of our successes. This, in essence, trains our brain to look for the worst in the situation, instead of the better.

HOW TO BREAK THE HABIT: Our successes and our failures are equally valuable. Often if you look back on difficult times, you’ll find that your life was being orchestrated for you in the very best way. What seems like the some of the most devastating things that can happen to us at the time are often revealed to be amongst our greatest blessings. Even events that seem like major setbacks can really just be a setup for something more wonderful to happen. For example, a layoff at a toxic company may have led you to a much more rewarding job. Or a medical struggle might have opened the door to a meaningful new relationship and inspired healthier habits. When you learn how to take things in stride and use them to grow from your setbacks and your conditions, you start to rapidly change your life.


WHAT WE DO: Stress out. Freak out. Yell. Get angry and frustrated. Distract. Drink. Binge watch TV. Do drugs. Eat. Rely on Rx drugs.HOW TO BREAK THE BAD HABIT: Zen out. Pray. Mediate. Spend quiet time. Whatever you want to call it – do it. Taking time to sit quietly and listen to yourself, connect with yourself and your environment, your wants and your true, core needs will propel your life forward at lightning speed in the direction of your dreams. My meditation is taking a walk in nature every day, taking my dogs on a walk, letting my mind rest for an hour, letting creative thoughts free-flow and start writing… it takes on so many different forms. When you’re connecting to yourself like this, it allows your dreams and the thoughts you’re putting out there in the world to actually manifest for your. Once we begin to picture our desires on a daily basis, we start to rapidly create our reality.


WHAT WE DO: Compare our lives together. Suffer from FOMO. Wish things were different. Worry about what other people are doing. Gossip. Compete

HOW TO BREAK THIS BAD HABIT: Stop the comparison. Be your own competition. The only person you should ever be competing against in yourself. Don’t’ ever compare your daily grind to people’s highlight reels. Accomplish things for you; not for likes or followers or popularity in your space. If it’s not inspiring you, it’s wasting your time.


WHAT WE DO: We overwork and stay busy for the sake of “busy-ness”.

HOW TO BREAK THE BAD HABITS: Always remember what you’re working for. Often people work so hard for the feeling of safety due to amassing a certain amount of money, but in the process, they give up so much. They give up time with their family and friends, personal time and the opportunity to build life-long relationships. So really, the security that they’re after is never met. Always remind yourself what you’re working for. Keep your core needs in mind every day and make sure you’re fulfilling that. That’s the path to true success.

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