Beach Bombshell + Mega Discount for FREE Jewelry!

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idbe DSC_0674 alliknow DSC_0636 atogo DSC_0646 band DSC_0687 tooto DSC_0685 dub DSC_0642 homeplus DSC_0680 faze guinness DSC_0655 twelve DSC_0682 involve DSC_0625 myel DSC_0631 opposite DSC_0626 thefritz Happy May!  It’s my favorite season here in SoCal.  Just warm enough to venture outside and explore, but just cool enough to not worry about possible dehydration on your adventures ( a far cry from some summer’s here!)  The waves are warm and welcoming.  Day moon is always beckoning.  The beautiful blooming flowers, summer succulents and spring breeze is enough to get me up earlier and in bed just a little bit later.  I’ve been editing my book by the beach daily, tea in hand, exploring my own quaint little beach town, switching between grainy film and crisp digital.  Faint captures.  Sleepy silhouettes.  Everyone has a surfboard, a story and a smile.  I’d marry every palm tree.  A colorful, dreamy landscape waits to greet me around every corner.  It feels beautiful, fresh, new.  It feels like home.


Swimsuit: L Space Swim Bombshell Top & Lydia Bottom

Jewelry: RocksBox (enter code taramackeyxoxo at checkout for your first box free!)

Makeup and Glow Body Oil: The Tara Collection