5 Tips to Stay Motivated to Workout

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It’s February.

The month where you get to sit back and ask yourself honestly, “Am I still kickin’ that resolution’s butt, or what?”

Maybe some of you have fallen off the wagon. You’re not alone.

I cut my workout routine in half the last few weeks due to my busy schedule and man, do I have to work double time now! Totally paying for it. I realized that I needed the one thing that helps me get over anything: motivation. So I thought I’d share the things that kept me motivated the last week, in hopes that they can help you through your workout slump too!


(Check out this week’s video for my favorite fitness routines!)

Find a routine

I know a lot of people who aspire to be fit, but they don’t know where to start! This is what inspired me to create my fitness plans, which are beginning level to moderate level exercises that are specifically designed to be done at home and by anyone, regardless of fitness level.

But I get it: that’s not for everyone. It might not be for you.

Maybe you WANT to go to the gym every day. Or you need a partner in crime every day. Or a trainer. Or you prefer to use heavy equipment.

Whatever gets you to do it, find a routine! Then stick to this routine – every single day. Even on hard days. Even on days where you wanna give up or are in pain. Even if you can’t imagine that it could possibly be working – do it. It’s your routine, and it’s there to work for you.


Speaking of the gym, a trainer, or finding a routine, investing in your fitness will definitely help you in feeling like you have a big reason to get up in the morning and do the work: you paid for it. Whether it’s purchasing some Jillian Michaels DVDs or finding a good yoga routine on youtube, investing even just your time into learning strategies for your fitness is a great motivator!

Take Time For Yourself

Feeling better is about you – and only you. Take time to access what your real fitness goals are. Write them down. Are you really trying to lose 10 lbs, or do you have a larger goal, like running a marathon? This time taken to access not only where you’re at, but where you’re going, is like having your best friend there rooting for you. Your best friend is just you this time 🙂


If you’re bored with the same old routine, start to use your imagination. Check out active.com for sporty events near you, and imagine yourself finishing them! How good will that shower or warm bath feel after you’ve worked your butt off? Pretty dang good, I’d say! Imagine your new body, your new goals, your new life with the fitness level of your dreams! Some of the best motivation, I think.


Way #2 to use your imagination in this way is to incentivize yourself to finish. I always look forward to a warm bath or shower after my morning routine, or perhaps I allow myself a big ol’ dairy free ice cream cone as a reward. I constantly think about these things when working out gets hard or boring. If you follow me on snapchat (@organiclifeblog hi friend!) you’re able to peep how bored I get sometimes during at-home yoga workouts. I had to fast forward through half of mine the other day! Haha. How’s that for shavasana?

Only you know what will push you to complete your goals. Reward yourself after with something you love for a job well done!

Want more tips to stay motivated?

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 With Love,