Zoe Organics The Intimate Collection Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Zoe Organics has quickly risen to be one of my favorite companies in the green beauty world. Not only have they been one of the first clean and safe cosmetics companies to bust through the doors of Target (along with our good friends at SW Basics of Brooklyn and, most recently, Waxelene!), but each and every product I’ve tried from Zoe Organics is pure heaven. Their commitment to well-rounded, full-family health is what every company strives for, but Zoe Organics executes it’s mission perfectly.

I was thrilled when founder Heather asked me if I’d like to try the brand new Intimate Collection before it launched. I was happy to, since one big topic in health has not been discussed as often it should be on this blog: sex.

Safe sex is important in more ways than just birth control. What you use to be intimate with your partner can have consequences you wouldn’t think of – like irritation, redness or even uncomfortable female problems like UTI’s or yeast infections, caused by nasty chemicals used as preservatives. Everything from conventional lubrication (think KY Jelly) to condoms (think Trojan) have some of these gross chemicals, and our goal should be to avoid these kinds of choices and protect our sexual health as much as possible without freaking ourselves out.

Remember: we’re not just about romantic love in this tribe.

We’re about self-love.

Zoe Organics is one of the first green, baby-safe skincare companies to present us with a brand new, totally organic, healthy way to enjoy ourselves or our partners sexually. And you can win the entire collection today! Just hop on over to our instagram page, follow us and Zoe Organics and tag someone you love!


What’s included?

Intimate Collection: Body Oil, No. 1

This Body Oil is so luxurious, you – like me- may decide to use it every day as a pampering moisturizer after  your bath or shower! I absolutely love the scent and am obsessed with using it after my baths. The aroma of sweet citrus, spicy clove, decadent rose, ylang ylang and woodsy vetiver envelops the senses. Let it carry you throughout the day or into the night because it’s so sexy without being a heavy oil!

Use as a massage oil with your partner and see where it takes you. Or add a few drops to a bath to create a luxurious and special evening. The possibilities are endless.

Not latex compatible.

Ingredients: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil* olea europeaea (olive) oil*, a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.*

*certified organic ingredient

Intimate Collection: Aroma Oil, No. 1

The Aroma Oil might be my personal favorite part of this collection. I absolutely love rubbing this on my pulse points either to set the mood for romance or somethings just to unwind after a long day. It is a concentrated blend of luxurious organic essential oils: the sweetness of citrus, warm spice of clove, and decadence of rose and ylang ylang. An amazing way to indulge in romance!

Roll oil behind ears, or on neck, wrists or other pulse points (or any other kissable body parts). Breathe deeply, and let the moment take you.

Ingredients: Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil*, a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.*

*certified organic ingredient

Intimate Collection: Aroma Candle, No. 1

If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy just picking up and sniffing this candle as much as you enjoy lighting it to set the mood. Ages ago I used to have a sexy aromatherapy body oil. I was totally obsessed with the scent and carried it with me everywhere – even on trips! When I found out that it contained some questionable ingredients, I donated it, and had yet to find something that smells similar. Until now! This candle smells just like it! I was thrilled to find something with the same scent that is safe for me.

The Intimate Collection Aroma Candle is the perfect way to set the mood for an intimate evening. Designed with a lead-free cotton wick and organic beeswax to ensure a long, clean burn life, this candle will help create the perfect atmosphere – for a slow, romantic evening with your partner, or for a peaceful evening at home with a book (no judgements here)!

It has a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

To WIN this full collection, hop on over to our instagram and follow the instructions!

Use code GROWNUPTIME for 20% off the collection today!

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have a safe, sexy one!