Sing it!

This week has been wonderful for many reasons: I’ve had some awesome work, some validating adventures, and the kind of life-synchronicities that really good novels are made of.   I got some great news about Raelie’s health, too.  A small mass we thought might be “something” turned out to be just some fatty tissue.  We are very, VERY happy that babygirl is well and we celebrated with an awesome hike at a new trail we found just down the block from our house.  Happy National Dog Week, indeed!

^^ Some fun vocal warmups from earlier in the week 🙂 ^^


I’ve also recently teamed up with Soul Flower, an online retail shop that promotes an eco-friendly, bohemian, peaceful lifestyle.  Started on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1999, you can now find Soul Flower online, check out their awesome look books, shop Fair Trade wares, mens or cute kids clothing (when I say cute I mean SO CUTE!! I mean is this even real?!)  These items are always organic, recycled, made in the USA, or Fair Trade, and very, very comfortable!  This Sing It Tomboy T-Shirt is perfect for fall transition.  It’s warm but breathable, wearable, and I just adore the message! I had a lot of fun striking poses in this around town – whatever gets people to read it. 😉  It’s really fun, the color is gorgeous and it’s just comfy comfy comfy (I’m a total sucker for comfort… can you tell?!)  They also sent me some stickers and cute merch that I was happy to slap on an old cap and run with (literally…)





My crafting skillz.  You’re jealous. ^^

#SoulFlower Girl 🙂


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 (^^ a little mountain lion sighting in the past 10 days never stopped anybody right…?)

mop moreweight

(Raels didn’t seem to mind ^^)peeps possssss raelswatch

(She keeps me company IRL as well as on my wrist at all times just in case she’s not there…

Obsessed?  Idk.  Maybe. What?!)reply shrums singgggg singit singittttt sly soicanwin soulbalance thebrfgsfg thruw

Catch!!tntc treeeeezzzz

” I can see my house from here!  And Arizona!”

The view is seriously unreal.

Found me an organic garden of course! 😉whatyouheard whuv



Hey, LA!

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Makeup: RMS Beauty Uncover Up, La Bella Figura Highlighter in Brazillian Denise, Gressa Bronzer Serum, Alima Mascara, Nudus Australia Lipstick in Halo.

Bracelet: Lokai, Vintage Find

Raelie Watch: Birthday Present 🙂