Yoga Design Lab Review + Yoga Mat Giveaway!

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The connection that I have with my yoga mat is so important to me.  It’s completely shaped my practice.  Your mat is a sacred space.  A meditation stage to set your day, explore your body and find your center.  I think this rings true for many yogis.  So why have I completely fallen in love with my mat from Yoga Design Lab?


My back looks like this due to scoliosis and arthritis.  Not pretty, I know.  But there have been some positive aspects to it.  My back is actually why I started my yoga practice to begin with!  So definitely – sometimes more than most – I need a sturdy, comfortable yoga mat to perform my daily yoga exercises.  Yoga Design Lab is perfect for this purpose!


Something For Everyone

I consider myself pretty new to yoga (about 3 years).  I know people who have been practicing literally since they were in the womb.  Their mommy’s did yoga the entire time they were pregnant with them.  I’m certainly not there.  I’m not an instructor, and I’m still learning every day.  I adapt depending on my pain level, my flexility and even something like the weather will determine where I’m at in my practice.  The inspiring designs on Yoga Design Lab mat’s are absolutely perfect for the beginner or even the everyday, super practiced yogi who just needs a little inspiration while she gets involved in her practices.


Finding Beauty

I’m an artist.  And I’m a girl.  I like things to be beautiful.  At the very least, aesthetically pleasing.  I was so excited when YDL reached out to me, because I was instantly struck by how different and gorgeous their mats are!  I have never seen anything like these!  Talk about a yoga mat that will stand out in class!  When I stretch my hands or my body out on this dazzling mat, I can’t help but feel an entirely new sense of inner peace.


Perfect for Travel

I love doing my yoga outside.  In fact, I straight up prefer it.  With this perfect travel pick-up-and-go style mat, you an take it anywhere!  It’s really super convenient because it rolls up easily and comes equipped with a portable strap.  Just wrap, strap and go!

A Good Cause

Yoga Design Lab just donated a few hundred mats to NYC and DC public schools as part of their “$1 per purchase” program, which supports urban youth yoga programs.  I just love them!

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Readers of The Organic Life can enter exclusively to win the gorgeous Cutuli Travel Mat!

If you don’t have the social media accounts needed to enter, simply leave a comment below telling me why you’d love to win the mat!

Good luck, my loves!  Happy Yoga!

With love,