My New Book, WILD Habits: Reveal

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Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your life or struggle with bad habits you can’t seem to quit? Are you finally willing to make the necessary changes to live a life you’re happy with? Is your intuition telling you that now is the time?

What a lot of people don’t know is that I started my next book right before my first book, Cured by Nature, was even released.

The idea for my follow up book was born during a deeply reflective period turned ‘a-ha!’ moment. During this time, I was musing about how I got here – healthy, happy, and about to launch my first book on natural healing – and I realized that the reason I had not turned back to my Rx drugs, my unhealthy relationships, my negative thoughts, my toxic work environment and my unhealthy eating patterns for half a decade, was 100% because of the new habits that I had formed.

Once I embraced this idea for myself, I started hearing stories from family, friends, clients, strangers – you name it! – who all had changed their habits & changed their entire lives too!

I knew that if I could give people the tools that I had, we could all heal, improve, release and affect some serious change. Change that could come from within ourselves and then go out into the world and affect millions.

And so I wrote this book for you.

This book is everything. If my first book was the Why, this book is definitely the How. How I overcame my dependencies, How I overcame my struggles, How I got through some of the worst moments I could ever have imagined, and How I managed to come out stronger, happier and improved – every single time.

No matter who you are or where you come from, we’ve all felt a little powerless over our emotions, illnesses or circumstances. Now, you have the tools to deal with those feelings when they arise – and then crush them. And then crush your goals. And then live your dreams.

My story, coupled with the stories of dozens of others, serve as powerful examples of how we can all take our lives back. These potent, real-life stories, combined with scientific facts that uncover ways to achieve complete mind and body transformation, make up the bulk of this new work. I can’t wait to introduce you to my highly developed four-step WILD Method, which helps you not only release bad habits, but form new, positive, wild ones that you can absolutely use to propel your life forward and achieve the goals that are deepest to your heart.

I am so excited to share this with you my beautiful, wonderful, supportive tribe! I cannot even fathom the roller coaster we’ve been on together since book #1 came out. You’ve been there from my very first TV appearance to my feature in Forbes to me launching my skincare company…. and now to this new book. Wow – the last 26 months have been quite a ride!

I’m so thrilled to say

You can pre-order a copy today!

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I can’t wait to spoil you!

Thank you for supporting me, for believing in me, for being there for me through all of it. It means so much to me. I honestly wouldn’t be able to do this work without you.