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Eric Cassell, a professor of physiology at Cornell (where I used to work), astutely pointed out that when a doctor asks her patient questions, she is not trying to find out what is wrong with him. She is trying to find out what symptoms he might be having to match classified, known diseases.

I believe that this is a very important distinction.

Just five years ago, I was on dozens of different kinds of pills, prescribed by my doctors, every day: from the age of 13 until I was 24 years old.

That’s over a decade of treating everything I was feeling, experiencing and thinking with a drug.

And then somehow convincing myself – and being convinced by doctors, my family and my friends – that I wasn’t a drug addict.

A doctor cannot possibly ask enough questions to find out exactly what makes her patient (you) sick.  You and I go through so many stresses, thoughts, functions and memories within a day that it would be impossible to find out what triggers our anxieties, health, fears or our cancers by someone else completely, even if they were to monitor us 24/7.  Furthermore, a lot of doctors would like to dismiss the notion that your mind and your body are connected inextricably in any way.

Without even thinking about it, we rely very heavily on the fact that our thoughts will trigger the correct chemicals in our bodies: the mind and it’s messenger molecules are automatically and always perfectly matched.  For example, one of the most ambiguous drugs – and one that I was on for a long time – Valium, belongs to a class of chemicals called benzodiazepines, which are used as both tranquilizers and sleeping pills.  Valium’s predecessors had many drawbacks: they were highly addictive, blocked REM sleep, and could prove fatal.  Valium, marketed as a “wonder drug”, seemingly produced better sleep with less hangover, was extremely hard to overdose on and – at first – seemed non addictive.

We now know that Valium  is entirely addictive, that it produces sleep irregularities (interfering with the third and fourth stages of deep sleep) and that serious withdrawals occur after prolonged use.  If you look at the level of receptors of the cell wall of people taking Valium, none of this is surprising, because Valium acts by outcompeting the body’s own neuro-chemicals and taking over their receptor sites.

Every drug used to treat depression, moods and anxiety works this way.

This kind of interference would perhaps be advantageous if the Valium was only working with the neurons responsible for causing anxiety.  


But the calming effect of a drug does not come stag.  Valium – and other drugs – affect not just your neuro-peptides. They confuse the nervous system as a whole. Monocytes of the immune system are attracted to Valium, lowering your immunity to fight and fend off other diseases, germs and cancers that could truly be affecting you.

In all likelihood, your body naturally provides itself with an exact internal analogue to Valium. I know this because I have come off of that drug and dozens of others, and found cures within myself and in nature for the problems that I treated with drugs like Valium, like Lamictal, like Fentanyl and Celebrex and Zoloft from the year I became a teenager… all the way into my adult life.

Right now, there is no “Cure” in pill form for depression, mental illness or schizophrenia.  

If you “cure” a schizophrenic – that is, strip that person of all of their hallucinations – you will find a shell of a person. A changed human being. A possibly twitchy person who, while they may not have hallucinations, also may not be able to drive or function in society.

Altering your chemical levels of dopamine & seratonin, or uninhibiting your receptors so that drugs like Valium, Xanax, Adderall, Thorazine (used to treat schizophrenia) or a mood stabilizer can “work” does not cure you of sadness, does not change your way of thinking and certainly doesn’t alter destructive thinking patterns.


When I studied Biology, I was entirely fascinated with Genetics. Genetics gave me insights into my cells and cell structure that I have brought with me when finding alternative, drug-less approaches to my own wellness.  Here is the realization that got me off of Pharmaceuticals for good:

No drug actually pairs up with a thought.

This is apparent to most people logically, but it’s biologically apparent when looking at the receptor cells between strands of our good friend DNA. DNA deals with many, many different kinds of messages and it does so infinitely- for as long as we’re alive. It makes new receptors that float to the walls of your DNA constantly.

There is no fixed number of receptors, no fixed arrangement on the cell wall, and no limit to what they are tuned into or can become. In fact, the ONLY thing consistent with a DNA receptor is that it’s totally unpredictable.

When looking for distribution in the imipramine receptors (the source for major depressiona), scientists find that the receptors are not just on the brain cells, but on the skin cells as well.  Does this mean that when you have major depression, your skin cells are also “Depressed”?


Scientifically, it does.

What you do, what you think and what you express are all entirely important to your overall health and well-being.

Your thoughts affect you. They affect your skin, your hair, your nails, your aging process, your ability to ward off disease and it affects the people around you. The process of accumulation – of thoughts, of feelings, of processing our World – is endless and impossible to see or stop.  I may sit in traffic and think “Well, nothing is happening to me”, but in fact I am taking in, digesting, learning, and processing everything around me: with all of it’s different energies.

I don’t know about you, but I never really had the alleviated experience promised to me in a pill.

Maybe I would care less, or fall asleep and not have to deal, but when I came to or woke up, my problem still stared me in the face.  Once I recognized this, it was easy to get off of the drugs mentally, but physically I struggled for over 3 years from withdrawal symptoms.

Having used nature as medicine for 5 years, I can unequivocally say that nature has worked better than drugs every time.

Some techniques that I used to combat illness I’ve recently written about in my book: I eat a whole, organic diet, I take time for self love, I exercise, I connect, I meditate.

I have been meditating for almost five years now, and in that time people have commented to me that I look younger, that I sound different, that I give off a different energy, that I somehow seem to be able to “do it all.” All of these things are  true and they are a huge result of meditation and a huge result of changing my diet and taking herbs and vitamins to treat my illness.

Cells carry memories around with them that hang heavy in biological ritual, and it’s your duty to truly rid yourself of these cells and replace them with new, positive, happier cells through thoughts, diet and mind exercise.

I had a friend e-mail me recently.  She’s been struggling with immense pain that makes it hard even for her to open a jar, which puts considerable stress on her mind.  We’ve been going back and forth for months about how she can help herself and control her own wellness, and she finally sent me an e-mail a few days ago telling me that a combination of acupuncture, diet change, and coming off of pharmaceuticals had worked!  She has even had pain that has been plaguing her since childhood completely disappear!

It wasn’t until she believed and made a huge commitment to a life change that she truly saw and felt a difference.

I am not saying that there is no scientific or biological use for medications.  Of course I treat myself the best way that I know how with drugs when I truly need to!

Recently, I had my 2 wisdom teeth removed which I knew was going to require medication.

The first tooth I did without any drugs.

The second I did with intravenous drugs during surgery.

The difference? The side that suffered no memorable trauma during surgery has healed better, faster and had no numbness.

The side I got done with no drugs?! Took considerably longer to heal, had some numbness and was more painful overall.

Does this mean drugs are the answer?


Well, yes.

In some cases, like surgery, severe cases of mental illness, excruciating pain, infection or a virus that needs to be treated, of course drugs are necessary.

Other than that

I truly think we have the power to heal ourselves.

Karl Lashley, an American neurophysiologist and psychologist, taught rats to run a maze.  He then systematically removed a small amount of cerebral tissue, little by little, until he took out most of the brain matter.

The rats, curiously, still remembered how to run a maze with more than 90 percent of their entire cerebral cortex gone.  This revolutionized the idea that every cell in the brain AND the body absorb the information happening around you, and that these cellular memories live on long after we are consciously acting.

Use your own mind power, will power and brain power, and you can change your life!

You can find more natural healing techniques (& proof on why natural healing works) in my book, Cured by Nature.

With Love,