Why I Started My Breast Enhancement Company

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One of my favorite parts about owning a business like Genetix is the opportunity that it presents me to give back. Whether it’s going down to see the kids at the orphanage in Mexico or having the ability to fight a billion dollar a year electric company to save endangered trees, Genetix has been the glue that’s allowed it all to be possible for me.

Earlier this year I took a good look at our orders and I realized something. That what I was really looking at wasn’t numbers on a screen.

What I was looking at was a lot of women who trusted in us. Women who took a leap of faith on their health. Women who chose our products over surgery. Who gave us so much love. Who told us that we worked.

I asked myself what I would have wanted when I was one of those customers….

See, Genetix was born out of a need I felt I had. I’ll admit it: like a lot of women, I wanted bigger boobs.

I’d rocked an A cup my whole life and wondered if there was any way to make them a little larger.

But I was terrified of surgery. I had spent too long on my health journey and I’ve never had surgery before in my life. I’ve never even sprained an ankle. I had worked hard to get here with my health. And I was grateful every day for that.

It wasn’t just the surgery or complications I was scared of.

By the time I considered augmentation, the FDA had already come out with a warning about breast implants.

It’s hidden in plain site in an FDA report published in 2011, where the Food and Drug Administration explains of itself: “Despite frequent local complicationsand adverse outcomes [found in core studies done by the manufacturer’s], the FDA determined that the risks of breast implants were sufficiently well understood for women to make informed decisions about their use.

I’m sorry… what?!

If I hadn’t just searched the black hole of the internet for that information and read all 100 pages of the report, I highly doubt that I would be “informed” or feel “well understood” in the language of adverse outcomes and local complications. I found out that those complications include asymmetry, high infection rates, reconstruction requests and alarming rupture percentages.

So no, thank you.
There had to be another way.

This inspired me to look into products specifically created for the purpose of breast enhancement. There were creams out there that claimed to work, but I took one look at the ingredients and was like no.freaking.way. Why would I put something with parabens – which have been found in breast cancer tumorsanywhere near my breasts?

Was there NOTHING that was totally organic out there and actually worked?

Upon further research my worst fears were confirmed: no such thing had been created.

I knew that if I wanted this product to exist, I had to create it myself.

I used my science background and researched the key and active ingredients that gave these creams their claim, and bought them. Then I solar-infused those herbs into organic olive and almond oil, and a few days later I had a powerful oil that I began to use on myself.

To my immense surprise… my oil worked! I saw results overnight in the first week of use! And the results kept getting better and better over time, with absolutely zero side effects. Within 2 months I had gained two cup sizes!

To be honest, I was astounded.

How on earth did no one know this was an option? How had no one told me about this before? Why was this a big, hidden secret?

I wrote a DIY blog post on Natural Breast Augmentation, and the response was amazing. People tried it and had the same reaction that I did: WOW. This WORKS! But, they asked, could I please just make it into a product? They’d rather buy it from a trusted source than make it themselves.

And that’s how our Activated Enhancement Oil was born!

After our Enhancement Oil resonated so much with people, I was also inspired to make organic, botanical, scent-free face and body serums that addressed the most common beauty needs: dull skin, acne and aging.

Before I started this journey just over three years ago, I was broke. My first book had not yet come out and I was in a bit of a transitional period: still acting, still singing, still blogging, but not positive exactly how I was going to pay rent from month to month. The only reason I was even able to start Genetix was because of all the people who e-mailed me about the oil. They pre-ordered it. With those pre-orders, I had enough money to bring my vision to life.

That’s what inspired me to start giving back. Every month I go through our orders and I pick one customer to randomly send our entire collection to.

Last month, I checked my PO Box and amongst some packages and cards, I had a letter. Because it had no return address, I opened this letter a little reluctantly. But after just a few seconds of reading the card inside, I was so, so, SO glad I did. Here’s the gift that I received. It said:

“Dear Tara,

Last month I opened my email from Genetix and panic set in. I had an order for over $500 of product coming my way! I thought someone hacked my account and went on a shopping spree!

When I found out it wasn’t a mistake and I hadn’t been charged I wanted to cry. Your generosity came at the just the right time and meant more than you will know! I just had my 4th beautiful baby and things were hectic to say the least. I was feeling down on myself wanting to lose baby weight, my hormones were all over the place and my skin wasn’t as beautiful as it looks now 🙂

A few years back I stumbled upon your enhancement oil after making the worst decision in my life. I had got breast implants (which never ended up making me happy) and that caused a cascade of health issues. I had them removed 1.5 years later and found your oil as a saving grace to truly make me feel beautiful in an all natural, organic way.

I am grateful for that bad experience, as it changed my life for the better. I now have a holistic approach to all that I do and much more self love. Thank you again for your generosity. I absolutely LOVE your products and hope to be able to buy more in the future.

Keep being kind and spreading love. That’s what changes the world.

Love one happy Mama,

I am a puddle.

Every single time I read it, I tear up. This is everything I’ve ever wanted and so much more than I could ever dream of.

When I started Genetix, I didn’t even think about it as a company. I thought MAYBE we’d sell to the women who’d first reached out to us from the blog post. I never thought we’d reach the masses. Maybe the moms and sisters of our OG customers, but not people everywhere.

We are now in over 100 countries and have made it all around this beautiful globe. Our one and only store is the largest retailer in the world.

To just make one person’s life a little easier, makes everything it took to get here so, so worth it.

I’ll never stop this little service. I will keep finding more women to surprise every month as we grow. I will pray and hope and wish that it’s always the woman who needs it the most. The woman who has asked for nothing… but truly deserves everything. 

And as far as Porsche’s card? Well, I know I needed the reminder. So I just wanted to remind you, too:

Keep being kind
and spreading love.
That’s what changes the world.