How To Naturally Overcome Depression and Anxiety: (My Interview with The Wellness Hour)

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My whole life I searched for meaning: in other people, in pharmaceutical drugs, in a drink, in a party, in a good grade. And it was right here all along, waiting for me to recognize it.

Honestly, it isn’t easy to talk about things like my mother’s drug and alcohol abuse or her overdosing in front of me as a kid.

It isn’t easy to speak about being the child of drug addicts, or being adopted or going through withdrawal myself for three years (after being on meds for almost half my life.)

It’s not easy to share my entire life story with near strangers, including the difficult stuff, the beautiful moments and everything in between.

It’s wasn’t easy to bear my soul on 250 more pages than I was obligated to write.

But it was worth it. It’s all been so, so worth it.

I am so grateful to share this experience on overcoming my fight with anxiety and depression – totally naturally. After so many years fighting what seemed like an uphill battle – against my circumstances, my labels and my environment – it’s incredible to know what it was all for.

The meaning IS your story. It is your most difficult days and your reckless choices and the times you fuck up. As long as you get back up every.damn.time, you’re golden.

Six year old, thirteen year old, twenty year old you will be SO proud of you. She truly will.

Thank you for reminding me ????? Thank you for giving me a platform and a voice.

Check out my full story on The Wellness Hour with @RandyAlvarez on YouTube!