Wellness Giveaway: Signed Copy of Cured by Nature + Splurge Skincare

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Hey guys! TGIF, am I right? Wow – the week just flew by!

I wanted to reward you for getting through it with me by doing a giveaway! Today, I’m giving away a signed copy of Cured by Nature as well as a Melted Buttah Repair Balm + The Rub Body Scrub from Splurge Skincare.

I adore these two products! Their limited edition Body Scrub Winter Scent is a blend of anise, vanilla, and a hint of lavender.  It’s as fresh and clean as the first snow! As for the Melted Buttah Repair Balm – it’s to die for! Sometimes you just need something, you know…more. Starting with Babassu Oil, the star ingredient of their Lip Buttah, Splurge adds soothing Calendula Oil and Red Raspberry Seed Oil. This trio of exceptional oils combine to give Melted Buttah Repair Balm it’s healing powers. It’s capabilities go beyond your lips to include any area that needs a little extra attention – cuticles, dry spots, rashes – this is truly an all purpose repair balm!

To Enter, simply tell us your favorite way to live a healthy lifestyle:

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    That’s it! Good luck my loves! Enjoy your weekend!