Treat Yourself: Ritual Bath Love Kit

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Continuing my self-love, self-affirmation trend, I want to bring you my favorite way to practice self love: Baths with Ritual!

In 2007, Ritual Bath was born out of Lauren Durr’s love for aromatherapy, herbs and oils.  Made right here in Los Angeles, each product is hand crafted and designed around an Affirmation.  This one?  Love.

She says, “I began combining those loves to enhance my daily rituals. Soaks in saltwater when my hometown gulf waters were too far to heal me, oils to sooth a headache, and clays mixed with all sorts of herbs for detoxifying masks. Whenever I needed to ground or relax these are the things I always gravitate to. They have always worked well for me, I felt I could create a product I loved and loved doing while being home for my family”



Step 1:

First thing’s first! Before you begin to run your bath, it’s time to break out the Ritual Bath face mask for powerful acne and blemish fighting while you wait!  Just combine a scoop of this incredible chocolate scented clay-like cocoa mask with a few drops of water, apply with a makeup brush or fingertips and watch it go to work on blackheads and face gunk!  It’s made with powdered milk and rose oil to clear skin.




Step 2:

Run the bath, adding Ritual Bath Love Body Wash.  This intoxicating blend of body wash will create bubbles for your bath as it warms up!  I love the way that this smells – hints of rose and jasmine greet you with every open!  Added to a bath, this makes your whole bathroom smell like someone dropped off a few bouquets of roses.  You can also use it the way it was meant to be used: to wash yourself. 😉


Step 3:

As the bath runs, it’s time to toss in your Ritual Bath’s Milk Bath.  Made with Powdered Milk, Rose Petals & Salt, this beautifully scented blend will make your bath a lovely milky white and leave skin soft and supple!  I got 3 uses out of it so far, and it’s the most self-loving, decadent feeling to soak in.


Step 4:

Ahhh, the Love Scrub!  Rose, Jasmine and hints of herbal oils with a beautiful Affirmation: I am a beautiful person. I love and approve of myself.  🙂  I love reading it every time as I use this quite liberally once I’ve dipped my body into the milk bath!  It exfoliates so well and leaves my hands and feet and legs SO, so incredibly soft!  It’s a true delight to use!


Step 5:

After you’ve had your awesome self-love soak, your body will be thirsty!  Luckily, Ritual Bath makes an incredible body butter that smells just like all the others: roses, jasmine, hints of Vanilla, shea and olive oil butter make up this amazing concoction!  I just love it.  Leaves my hands, legs and body smooth and hydrated!




Step 6:

Don’t forget your lips!  Ritual Bath makes an incredibly hydrating and beautiful, organic Love lip balm!  Give your lips some Love with this balm!  Fair warning: it’s super addicting, and my lips are in Love!



Do you have any Self Love Rituals?  Have you tried anything from Ritual Bath?

*These products have been generously gifted to me for the purpose of review.  With deep appreciation, I give my fully informed and honest opinion always.

Love & Light


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