Top Ten All Natural Toners

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 Toning remains one of my favorite beauty rituals, and it’s one of my best kept secrets to achieving glowing skin.

To get the results you want from your toner, you’ve got to know how to use it properly. Here are some natural, organic, cruelty free toners to get you started on your green journey to better skin!

Biodara Immortal Mist

Biodara’s Immortal Mist is named for it’s main compotent, helichrysum. Helichrysum is also known as the “Immortal plant” for it’s ability to regenerate and promote skin growth, as well as reduce inflammation.  Helichrysum is one of my favorite healing oils, as it works wonders on my sensitive skin! This particular product also smells amazing!  The exquisite Immortal Mist from Biodara is also made with bases of 100% organic aloe juice (my favorite!), rose absolute, organic grapefruit and rose geranium oil. It doesn’t get any more luxe than this mist! I spray it on in the morning, before bed and after I go surfing. It’s constantly traveling with me in my purse and has it’s own little place on my vanity.

Rose Toner

With key ingredients of organic rose, apple, goji berry, gotu kola, bilberry leaf and an organic aloe base, I am head over heels in love with this toner! It instantly revitalizes without smelling harsh, it tones my skin immediately, and even helps to clear up stubborn acne! A must-have for anyone with sensitive or breakout-prone skin.

Witch Hazel

 Witch hazel has been popular for a long time, and for many more uses than simply to clarify skin and shrink pores. It also fades redness and blemishes, brightens around the eyes, and is great for applying post-shaving for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits. I use this on my face when I’m combatting a particularly stubborn blemish, and also on my legs after shaving. You can also gargle with this if you feel a sore throat coming on! I love the light, refreshing scent.

Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator

 If you aren’t aware of how much I love Josh Rosebrook, then we’re probably not friends on instagram (that’s ok! We can change that immediately. 😉 ) Josh’s Hydrating Accelerator is one of the things Josh gifted to me when we first met one another.   Now that he’s one of my best friends, I can – without any guilt what so ever – emphatically recommend this incredible toner to all my friends and family. But the hydrating accelerator isn’t just a toner!

This product is aloe based and smells delicious (hint of marshmallow) and feels like such a treat every time I get to use it. I never used toner consistently until I found this incredible formula! It feels so refreshing and has an instant plumping, hydrating affect as well as a moisturizing affect that I have never found in a toner before this! I have five bottles of this around my house, but I’ve only run out one or two times in these last few years!  This bottle lasts a loooong time, and highlights include: helping oils and moisturizers absorb better and more quickly and it also moisturizes by itself! I’m hooked! Organic aloe water, sunflower, coconut grapeseed and almond oils, herbal infusions of bilberry, skullcap, green tea and st. john’s wort, this is incredibly nourishing, potent and lovely.

Siddha Cell Salt + Flower Essences Youthful Skin

Gosh, I love flower essences, and Siddha is one of my favorite companies that makes safe, alcohol free, extremely potent flower essences for everyone. From your pets to those with muscle soreness to anyone who wants an emotional detox, they’ve got you covered.   I adore Siddha’s Youthful Skin formula for toning, brightness and clearing my complex skin.

This formula not only purges toxins, it encourages blood flow, and even regulates hormones! How? Well, this amazing concoction contains incredibly potent herbs that target the causes of aging skin, as well as amazing bases of distilled water, cacao, aloe (are you noticing a trend?), dandelion, jojoba, horsetail, and sycamore. It also boasts flower essences of agrimony (great for use in spells, on skin for inflammation and a variety of skin conditions), chestnut bud (great for vein health), crab apple (an herbal anti-agent) and silicea (called “the best kept secret” for healthy skin and nails.) It’s so helpful on itchy skin! I will spray this on my legs after shaving or on my arms if my psoriasis is acting up, and it relieves it immediately! Also, this bottle is easily transportable and great for travel.

La Bella Figura’s Jardin De Fleurs

“ Jardin De Fleurs” means “garden of flowers”. This incredible formulation is technically a hydrosol. Commonly called floral waters, hydrosols are less concentrated and more mellow than essential oils, but they still possess the healing and aromatic properties of aromatherapy. Raw coconut water, jasmine flower, rose, and honeysuckle envelope the senses with just one spray. I love this amazing formula from LBF because it smells absolutely amazing, and it’s jasmine/rose base is incredible for my skin! It also works great as a refresher anywhere on your body, or spritz a few times in your hair for LBF’s signature aroma to follow you around the room. Just wait for the compliments. 🙂

Balanced Guru Organic Purifying Citrus Toner

This toner is for the citrus lovers out there!  Citrus and lemon happen to be one of my favorite, most calming scents. Balanced Guru has created an insane toner with subtle floral aromas, a hint of verbena, extracts of witch hazel, nettle, tea tree and eucalyptus, I can’t get enough! This is an amazing toner that makes one feel vibrant and rejuvenated. Thyme, chamomile and arnica prevent bacterial infections, maintain supple skin and even help anxiety, fatigue and depression. I could bathe in this stuff! It also treats inflammation and I spray it on my psoriasis to calm it down. So magical.

I truly hope this selection of the best toners helped you on your green beauty journey!

Do you tone naturally?

 I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!