Top Skincare Mistakes

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Our daily habits make a major difference when it comes to preventing skin damage. And while we all have the best intentions when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we sometimes sabotage our skin without realizing it.

Here are 3 common skincare mistakes you might be making right now:

You’re Washing Your Hands Too Much

We’re all washing our hands a LOT right now. Not “too much” for what this moment in time calls for, but “too much” for our skin.

“What the science says right now is that the normal (healthy) bacteria that live on the skin are very important and washing doesn’t remove them,” said Richard Gallo, founding chair at the department of dermatology at the University of California-San Diego.

Gallo said that “when you are born, it looks like the bacteria enter into your skin and sort of set up permanent residence” that isn’t affected by using hand sanitizer throughout the day, taking a daily shower and washing your hands after using the restroom. But overdoing it can take a toll.

“At an extreme, you start drying out the hands, you start damaging the skin, then you start getting at the normal healthy bacteria,” Gallo said.

Since we’re all washing our hands a LOT right now and using hand sanitizer as much as possible, the best solution to reduce long term skincare damage is to moisturize every single time we’re done washing. Once you’re done washing your hands, use an organic moisturizer on your hands directly afterwords to prevent drying and long-term skin damage.

Here are the best organic moisturizers for different skin types:

You’re Not Cleaning Your Phone

Now that I’m cleaning my phone 100 times a day, I’m realizing how much I kinda rarely did it before. 

Even if you wash your hands a million times a day, your phone screen still picks up tons of bacteria. And then you make a phone call and all of that grossness goes right on to your face. Ew. It took a minute to get into the habit, but try to wipe your phone down every day with a disinfecting wipe, or even a makeup wipe. If you have anti-bacterial spray, you can wipe your phone down with that and a paper towel. Your skin will thank you. 

Also, try to wash your pillowcases as often as possible!

You’re Not Giving Your Skin A Break

No where to go? No problem!

Detox is the name of the game!

This is the perfect time to chill on constantly doing your makeup, lashes, nails and what have you for the sake of work and just give your skin a break so that it can take a good deep breath! Taking a break allows the skin to replenish its natural moisture level without having layers of makeup clogging your pores. 

Properly cleanse your skin before bed with an organic cleanser, then use a toner and moisturizing serum

Apply a daytime serum in the morning for hydrated, fresh skin.