The Good News: Karlie Kloss, Great Tits, Pizza Raps, A Cat Named Dog, Unaired SNL, Aliens, Electric Cars, Jay-Z + more:

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I want it, you want it, and people always ask me for it.

Where can we find the good stuff?

Where can I go so that my stomach doesn’t turn in knots?

Where can I escape to that’s not mindless?

Where can I laugh without irony?

Where can I go without hearing you-know-who’s name?

Where can I go for the good stuff? Not the “tug at your heartstrings and have you ugly cry” sappy stuff (although I could watch that for a good hour). The good stuff. The good news.

Where is all the good news?!

Where are the affirmations that the world was good? That people are funny? That the world is still spinning? That good things are still happening? That hearts are still opened? That things are moving in a good direction?

Not good stuff that happened 5 years ago, but good stuff that happened yesterday! Today, if you can.

This inspired me to start this weekly Good News segment. I will be doing a weekly (more often if I can) wrap up here on the blog of The Good News: inspiring, thoughtful, funny, motivational content, (with MAYBE one or two AMAZING political achievements thrown in here or there). But overall, I’m going to try to stay away from politics as much as I can. Because who needs more of that in their life right now? Certainly not me.

So, to jump start this week, we start with some of my favorite news ever: Women’s Health Magazine featured my brand baby, Genetix, in an article about using melatonin in your skincare routine! As you know we kicked off the launch of our melatonin-enriched face serums in November, and I’ve just been so thrilled to watch the feedback and love that these skin superhero’s are getting. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.

OK! Without further ado, here is THE GOOD NEWS:
















  • Snow leopards were captured on camera here for the first time ever.


Lauren and Amy are the first gay couple to be legally married in Australia, after same-sex marriage was legalised on 9 December 2017.












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