My Hour Long Therapy Session with Sean Croxton

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Hope. Self love. Care. Despair. Defeat. Magic. Miracles.

Last week I sat down with Sean Croxton for an episode of The Sessions.

It ran for over an hour! We just couldn’t stop talking about all the incredible twists, turns and transformations life has taken us!

This week, I’m sharing it with you in a big way!

Today you’ll learn:

– The big problem with child psychiatry that got me put on lithium at only 13 years old.

– How to turn your limiting beliefs into empowering ones, and start creating your own reality.

– Easy tips and pharmacy-free remedies for drug withdrawals, pain, nausea, and more.

– The one and only person you can count on right now to take care of your future self.

Sean says, “Code Yellow Alert! A Code Yellow is when I read a book and just about every page is full of yellow highlighter. Cured by Nature is a perfect blend of three of my favorite things: personal development, health, and storytelling. Tara tells a shocking and inspiring story of taking back her health and life by taking control of her mind.”

The video is a visual intro!

With Love,