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It’s been a looooong time since I’ve written about my hair, and I’ve gone through quite a bit of hair changes since then. From the boho bang to the long and beachy. From dark and delightful to blonde and bodacious. And I’ve used a lot of products in that time as well!

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My hair needs change a lot – depending on the color, length, amount of time I’m spending in the sun, and the time I’m spending in the ocean – my haircare routine can vary daily. But I’ve been using a couple of raw, organic, natural products the last few months that are all part of a new ritual that I couldn’t be more obsessed with: the Morrocco Method!

What It Is:

If you’re looking for an incredible, effective, natural boost for your hair, look absolutely no further than the Morrocco Method! The best in raw, vegan and paleo hair care, the Morrocco Method is much different than your normal shampoo or even your normal dry shampoo! Morrocco Method shampoos are a mud-like texture and color, and they smell very earthy! I adore the effective list of ingredients, like giant kelp, brown kelp, focus, nettle, white clay, green tea and blue algae!

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The Zen Detox Hair and Scalp Therapy mask has been one of my favorites of this collection. Use it with water or comb it through dry, absorbent, potent clays work hard to remove chemicals, build up, and heavy metals from the scalp and hair.

Last but not least, the Sapphire Volumizer Mist in Ether is a leave in conditioner and volumizer. I apply this to my hair after I shower and work it through with a brush before blow drying. It’s great for styling or for curly or kinky hair that needs a little help to chill. It’s raw, vegan, wild crafted, gluten free, and all natural.

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What It Does:

In combination, this powerhouse trio of products have completely transformed my hair – and my hair care routine! The shampoo helps me to remove any product, salt or sand, which I am constantly removing since I live at the beach. It also locks in moisture for my hair, helping it to stay hydrated and healthy instead of dry and damaged. My hair has gotten stronger, longer and more shiny since I began this routine! It’s sulfate free so it’s the best for colored hair.

The Volumizer is the perfect detangler with natural grape seed extract. Hair looks thicker, fuller and more bouncy after use and it really helps me get my crazy knots out! I did also seem a lot of volume from my hair recently, which I can only attribute to this spray.

Finally, the Zen Detox mask is great at night to remove any trace of chemicals, product or gunkiness from the scalp and start a-new! May I also say I’ve noticed way less grey hairs popping up since starting this mask? I am very impressed! Also doubles as a great face mask! 🙂


Have you tried the Morrocco Method?