The Laurel Skin Studio Grand Opening

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I had the privilege and honor of attending Laurel Skin Studio’s Grand Opening this weekend in San Francisco!


Laurel Whole Plant Organics – formerly Sequoia Beauty – was one of the first brands I ever blogged about here on The Organic Life. Back when Laurel Whole Plant Organics was Sequoia Beauty and The Organic Life was My Organic Life (ch-ch-ch-changes!) I was falling head over heels with Laurel’s Shaffer’s awesome, potent, gorgeous creations time and time again. Everything I tried, I loved. Everyone I saw, I raved to!


Laurel is a testament to accomplishing your dreams against all odds. She’s a beam of light and a beautiful business woman who really makes it work. I was super happy with Laurel’s standards and her commitment to her craft and impressed with this spirited chick who grew many of her brands awesome ingredients in her own garden. I continue to be blown away by what Laurel has accomplished in the past few years. Attending the opening of Laurel Skin’s Studio this weekend was like taking a big gulp of friendship Pride.


When I visited Laurel’s studio a few weeks ago, she was still preparing to open. We chatted a bit about what brands she was going to sell – many of my favorites, including La Bella Figura, Josh Rosebrook, Lurk and more!   We talked about how the place was going to look, but I was absolutely blown away to actually see it finished in all it’s gorgeous glory!

three copy
Left: Melissa of M. Parke Studio, Middle: Laurel of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Right: Moi of this blizog 🙂

Every single one of Laurel’s team, friends and family were beaming with pride and happiness.

If you’re in the Bay area you MUST stop by!  You can take a look at Laurel’s gorgeous creation process, get a glimpse of the killer view of the Bay or shop the array of totally clean beauty, hair and makeup products, perfume, teas and tinctures Laurel has curated.





lovelies wake

You can get a beautiful facial by Laurel’s new esthecian, my good friend Megan Porchen!


Megan is a beautiful green beauty expert a well as a total sweetheart. Megan and I got dinner while I was in town and she is so excited to be working with Laurel. I am so thrilled they’ve connected and Megan gets to do her thing in such a beautiful space!

Me & Cindy of Hello Dollface


Josh Rosebrook, Laurel of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, Victoria of La Bella Figura


Laurel’s Lip Healing Creation


With Victoria of La Bella Figura


If you’re looking for a meditative space to relax, or you’re into your new favorite, friendly local beauty shop making magic potions on the daily, Laurel Skin Studio is the place for you!

There is nothing else like this place in San Francisco.

I am so happy for Laurel and wish her and her team the absolute best.