The Evolution of Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s or Saint Valentines Day is celebrated across many countries around the world. This day of love has gone under a major evolution ever since its inception. The history dates back to 496 A.D., when  Roman emperor “Claudius the Cruel” imposed a ban on marriages and engagements to force soldiers join his military league. What then followed was the conquest of Bishop Valentine to spread the message of love and wisdom. Cn

Talking about today’s lifestyle, the way this day is celebrated has completely changed.  With this coming Valentine’s Day being the first to fall on a Friday in eleven years, many couples are choosing to use this opportunity for a romantic getaway. Go through the “Evolution Of Valentine’s Day” to witness the epic journey of the Cupid’s arrow.

 About the author: Divyanshu Sharma is an online marketer falling for creative ideas and concepts. He is also a blogger and shares his work on various lifestyle and travel blogs.