The California Box: Wholesome Indulgence Delivered!

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I have partnered with The Tasteful Pantry to bring you a special limited edition box focusing on healthy, local California vendors!   The California Box brings you gluten free, dairy free, wholesome & relaxing treats – delivered!  They’re delicious and good for your heart, mind and body.


We hand picked the best in natural, minimally processed snacks & sweets out there to help you enhance your ‘free-from’ and healthy pantry.  These are some of my personal favorites, curated for your enjoyment!  Around here, we’re far more interested in just making your life better. Easier. Tastier.

One of my favorite parts of being on this journey is getting to share all the healthy options that have shaped my life over the last few years.  It seems like each and every day newer, healthier companies emerge that give us beautifully blended synergies between nutrition and wholeness – without compromise! I am thrilled to share some of my favorites with you.

This box is Limited Edition and only available for purchase until Sunday, August 30th. 

Every box supports a local meditation center in Los Angeles.

Check back on August 13th! We will be holding a contest for a free box!

With love,