The Best All Natural Bath: Fresh Soap Bakery (Everything Under $10)

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You wouldn’t think you’d find generations of Green Beauty know-how a hop, skip and jump away from the Jersey Shore, but Fresh Soap Bakery is the real deal.


I always get so upset when I think I have taken an all natural bath and I do some research and come to find I’ve been soaking in something toxic.  What a bummer to know your entire body has spent an hour or more in something you can’t pronounce.  Or something that’s been proven to cause Cancer.  That’s really enough to kill my PMA.

Fresh Soap Bakery is the answer to all my natural arthritis treatment, skin saving and good-to-the-wallet prayers.  “Green” long before the term was even around, this family-owned, started-in-their-kitchen company is made with nothing but hard work, all natural intention, and love.  With all due respect, Fresh Soap Bakery does what other, bigger, “brand name” companies often claim to do but don’t: they provide you a natural and safe opportunity for wellness.   And they do it simply, effectively, and affordably.


Fresh Soap Bakery Hand Blended Milk Bath – $9

This $9 (yyyyyyup!) luxurious milk bath is currently all the rage at my house.  This bath soak is made from small batches of pure dry milk, Epsom salts, baking soda and plant essential oils and is available in Lavender, Lemongrass, Mint, Vanilla and tons of other scents!  I pour a handful of this into my bath as the warm water is running and it makes for the most amazing experience.


Epsom goes to work on sore muscles and aches and pains while the dry milk soaks and softens your skin to a milky, lovely texture!  This is a staple in my daily baths and it’s made my legs, arms and body so, SO soft and lovely to the touch.  My hands, legs and belly go from dry to silky after a bath in this beautiful milk bath!


Fresh Soap Bakery Mediterranean Sea Salt Soak – $7

This $7 (and you thought it didn’t get any better) bath soak is incredible for my arthritis!  I KNOW that this will do the trick, and at such an affordable price (I can barely buy 2 oz of Himalayan Salt for COOKING for under $10), not only does it give your bath a really fun mermaid color, it works wonders on pains and aches!  I mean miracles!  I won’t do a bath without this!  It has my heart.  Dead sea salt aides in arthritis by improving symptoms like morning stiffness, walk time, hand-grip strength, activities of daily living, circumference movement of joints, number of active joints, as well as overall mood.


One handful in one bath a day has literally saved my life!  It also comes in a tons of different flavors, like Orange Clove, Pumpkin Spice, Fresh Strawberry, Hot Apple Cider, Wintergreen Mint, Bamboo Lotus and many more!


Fresh Soap Bakery Herbal Bath Soak – $9

This.  Oh goodness.  I’m in love.

This herbal soak is made of essential flowers, oils and salts that I used to buy individually – but THIS is more inexpensive, and I know it’s all natural!  THIS has saved my life, and my wallet!

I feel so grateful to have such an affordable and healthy alternative.  These bath salts are made in small batches from pure, imported Mediterranean sea salt. Fresh Soap Bakery then adds powdered rose hips, lavender buds, rosemary leaves, and chamomile powder.  The variety of naturally-occurring skin loving minerals and nutrients will add a luxurious touch to your relaxing soak in the tub, and give your muscles the break they need to start working properly!


Just thinking about using this Herbal Bath Soak makes my muscles instantly relax!  Rose hips are an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, which helps to decrease environmental damage and soothe the skin.  Chamomile soothes the stomach, skin, muscles, promotes sleep and fights cancer.  Rosemary – one of my favorite plants  – is also a good source of iron, calcium and vitamin B, which help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation.  A handful in my bath, a 24-45 minute soak and I am good to go!  Seriously, this has turned me into a brand new person some mornings and gets me to sleep when nothing else can on many nights!

Have You Tried Fresh Soap Bakery?

*These products have been generously gifted to me for the purpose of review.  With deep appreciation, I give my fully informed and honest opinion always.

Love & Light


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