Here’s something I never thought I’d post about: what I smell like! ūüôā ¬†But the idea of aromatherapy properties on the soul and the impact that they have on our lives are crucial, and these beautiful & natural¬†Artisan Perfumes from Buffalo Gal Organics are too perfect not to share! ¬†I have gathered up my extremely generous collection to show you some of the marvelous things I usually rock during the day to day! ¬†Kasia, owner of Buffalo Gal Organics and Body Luxe, has done it perfectly: mastering the art of combining these beautiful scents with their fulfilling aromatic natural roots. ¬†Kasia is also a former scientist, and got into making these Artisan Perfumes because she “missed chemistry”. ¬†A girl after my own heart!



A Perfume for the Innocently Wicked Soul – Rosewood Vanilla Musk

A perfectly balanced and relaxing comination made from Grape seed + Coconut oil known for intense skin conditioning, fragrance + essential oils, this formulation is perfect for those allergic to alcohol based perfumes. The beauty of scenting with oils is that they won’t clog or overpower and create a lingering halo of scent that becomes personally yours! ¬†Lilith is what I wear on the day to day – to castings, out to lunch with friends. ¬†It’s a really quiet scent and totally fresh.



Sandalwood. Neroli. Musk. Soft Citrus.

This perfume is super Earthy and really playful! ¬†I use it mostly on my wrists when I go out, as the smell lingers and tends to get powerfully in my nose if I place it on my neck, but it’s perfect for a little pick-me-up scent!


Earl Grey Tea

I love a good perfume that I can wear to bed! This Earl Grey Tea perfume seems to have aromatherapy properties for me, and makes me sleepy!  It smells JUST like Kasia bottled some Earl Grey Tea, and is unisex, so the boys can try some too!


Moroccan Fig

A Perfume for the Gypsy Soul

This is my absolute favorite scent and the one that I wear every day!  Moroccan Fig is a heady mix of spicy black tea, rich ripe figs + earthy oakmoss.  If you love beautiful, rich and earthy fragrances that still hold a lightness to them, this one is for you!



A Perfume for the Divine Soul

This scent is the first in the batch that I felt had a bit of a sexy kick to it! ¬†It’s an intoxicating Amber, Citrus and Earthy scent – extremely light and kind of musky. ¬†I really enjoy it!



Musk Wood Vanilla Osmanthus Bergamot

Based on 50 Shades of Grey, this Vanilla, Musk Wood perfume is definitely unisex, and quite sexy!!  Ingredients include: Musk, African Musk, Ambrette Seed, Guaiac Wood, Tobacco,  Black Tea, Osmanthus Absolute, Fir, Petitgrain, Mandarin, Pepper, & Bergamot!


Falling Snow

Fir Branches, crisp night air, fallen snow… those are all the images that this scent evokes. ¬†It’s light, fresh, crisp and inviting! ¬†Definitely a seasonal perfume but absolutely worth trying!


Gypsy Soul

A Perfume for the Bohemian Soul

This is definitely what I consider the most Earthy scent and it’s my second favorite besides the Moroccan Fig! ¬†Sexy, sensual…¬†A rich and sultry scent of patchouli, vanilla & vetiver¬†layered with sumptuous ylang ylang, cedarwood + sandalwood¬†infused with delicious neroli, pink lotus blossom, rich spices &¬†finished with pink grapefruit and fresh green notes.

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