Because I Couldn’t Do This Without You…

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rednailokie   stars If there’s one reason this little place on the internet exists, it’s because of you. If there’s a single reason I’ve been inspired to continue my health journey, document my struggles, find my voice and build my company, it’s everyone who comes here, who reads this, who supports me and who doesn’t make me feel super awkward for drinking green juice and writing alternative medicine books. You’ve embraced me, you’ve shown so much love towards me and you make me a better person each and every day. To say thank you this week, I’ve given you some deals on some super special products and programs that I offer.

Each program and product was inspired by readers health concerns and questions. Whenever I see a slew of questions come in, I try to design something that answers those questions. For instance, The 14 Day Fitness Plan was inspired by readers who wanted to get fitness results fast. The Stay Weird shirts + hoodies were for my readers who asked me how they could rock their freak flags and stay fly. My monthly memberships were for comrades who wanted to stay connected and learn more about helping their own health for a fraction of the cost of traditional life coaching programs.

This week, take 20% off anything in the digital health store with code STAYWEIRD.

Take an additional 10% off Stay Weird tees and hoodies. They’re perfect to snuggle up in chilly weather or as a gift for the weirdo in your life. Available for guys too and they go from Small (pictured) up to a 2XXL! Just be sure you use this link.

Thank you for connecting with me, for coming here, for leaving me sweet comments and for trusting me with your wellness questions. You guys are seriously the organic cherry on top of my dairy free sundae. Love you all! xx

(PS my lippie is Regal Lip Boost by Gressa. xx)

Love + Health,