Did You Hear What Teen Vogue Said About My Skin?!

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Last week I traveled back to my hometown of New York City and sat down with Teen Vogue to do a Facebook Live for #WellnessWednesday about my journey, work & of course – Genetix!

I openly shared about how my own skincare journey started in my mid-twenties, when I began facing painful, cystic acne. I quickly realized that not only did none of my dermatologist recommended products work, but that they contained high levels of toxins and fillers that further irritated my skin.

As a biologist, I knew that was a better, natural way to treat our skin issues. After experimenting at home, I found incredible natural remedies that worked not just to treat – but they worked to cure my skin problems – completely!

During the live Q&A Vera, the super chic Teen Vogue editor, kindly interrupted to point out one thing:

“For the record, her skin looks REALLY good!”

Why thank you!

That’s because I meticulously select active ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted and pure. I don’t use any fillers, toxins or water in my products. Each ingredient is chosen and sourced with intention. These highly concentrated potions contain active ingredients that are selected for one reason only: because they work!

So if you’re familiar with us, you may not have been surprised at all!

Teen Vogue asked so many thoughtful questions and shared such great feedback about Genetix too! We’re seriously honored that they are on the forefront of green beauty and natural health. Be sure to check it out.

FACT: Our main ingredient MELATONIN is known as the “time keeping hormone” for its ability to stop and reverse the effects of aging. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant, protecting your cellular DNA from free-radical damage and allowing your cells to communicate better. When applied topically, melatonin plays an important role in keeping your skin radiant, clear and balanced from the inside – out.