Summer Vibes: R E L A X

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Woohoo!  It’s that time of year again.  My feed’s all look freezing!

I thought I’d bring you all some summer vibes today to combat storm Juno and the 13+ inches left in her wake.  I’ve been on a mission to find balance lately: it seems like the second I get through all my e-mails, voicemails or tasks, there’s a whole set of new ones to go through.  It’s wonderful, exciting and a little overwhelming all at once, and I’ve been trying to manage it the best I can.  R e l a x.  My favorite mantra!

Here are my 3 favorite ways to relax recently:

3. Long, Luxurious Baths . . . 

I’ve been loving my epsom and dead sea salt baths lately, even taking them early in the morning or early in the afternoon again the way I was when I was super-detoxing off my pharmaceuticals medication.  They’re relaxing, rejuvenating, detoxifying, cleansing and overall, warm!!  Yes, even in Southern California, I appreciate my warm baths.  Throw a little rose water and oil in for an ultra sexy, self-love finish.

2. Long, Thoughtful Walks . . . 

I enjoy caffeine free tea and long walks on the beach.  No, really.  I’m lucky enough to live a stones throw from the beach in San Diego, and I make it down there once a day.  Even when I lived in New York, I used to bundle up – two sweaters, leggings, tights, jeans, mittens, coat, scarves and hat – and take long walks in the freezing cold, getting my blood running and my thoughts cleared out.  They’re incredible for gaining perspective and a good sense of self.

1. Awesome, Kickass Books . . . 

I’ve been reading a ton lately.  From Tony Robbin’s Money: Master The Game, to The Impersonal Life to Vasistha’s Yoga, books have been my savior not only while I was writing my first book ever, but to nurture my ever word-loving soul once I was done.  They are my dearest companions in times of stress, and they make it into every single bath with me (oo-la-la!)  Picking up a good book has always been my favorite therapy.  I recommend to it all!

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Photographer: Alina Mendoza (follow @alinamendoza )

Relax Shirt: American Tee ( follow @americantee )

Mala Bracelet: Padma Design  (follow @padmadesign )

Necklace: Shashi NYC (Angela Necklace) (follow @shashinyc)

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