Beat The End of Summer Blues

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My recent trip to the East Coast has made one thing abundantly clear: Summer is ending one day at a time for a lot of places in the World right now. As the fireworks fade and some soak in their last days of sure-fire Vitamin D, excuses to spend a half an hour in traffic or more for a day at the beach always start to get a little harder to come by.  In fact, the “Winter Blues” begin for some people right at Summer’s end.

I came up with a list of 5 Ways to Beat The Summer Blues:

  •  Get Creative

Finding a new project you love, or creating one on your own just for fun, is a great way to get in the spirit of finding something rewarding to do even when the weather isn’t perfect.  This photoshoot I did at the beach, combining Synergy Organic Clothing’s Knotty Maxi dress in Seafoam & (more about Synergy in this post) and Kure Bazaar nail polish in Caicos from my good friends over at The Detox Market  was one of mine, and I’m really happy with it!  I felt completely comfortable using the Kure Bazaar polish directly on my skin: this particular formula is up to 85% natural origin based on wood pulp, wheat, cotton, potatoes and corn. Formulations do not contain: toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates or synthetic camphor.

The dress is absolutely gorgeous!  I got a lot of very flattering looks in it, and truly feel like a mermaid Princess bride when I wear it!  It’s so, so very comfortable – one of my favorite things about Synergy’s clothing.  Everything I’ve worn feels like it was made for doing Yoga in.  A beautiful day at the beach turned into quite the adventure.  I got my first bee sting on this shoot (I’m alive, luckily!) but despite that it really turned into a wonderful day.

I completed the look using RMS Beauty Uncover Up, La Bella Figura Golden Corrective Highlighter in Brazilian Denise, Gressa Lip Boost in Radiant and Bronzer Serum & Alima Pure Mascara.

  • Read A Book

I always like to start a new book at the beginning of a new month.  September is a great month to pick something up you’ve never read before – you progress in the book as the season’s change, which is one of my favorite things!

  • Create A New Routine

Adjust your bed time, wake up time, eating schedule, eating habits, or meditation routine.  If what you’re doing currently works, try to pick up another good habit, like reading a chapter or two of a book before bed, or getting all of your e-mails answered before the day’s end.  Whatever takes a little more weight off, indulge!

  • Set More Goals

I like to write down a list of my goals monthly and evaluate them against what I wrote down the month before.  This keeps things in perspective and keeps me moving forward with what I’m working on.

  • Cherish Your Time

As people send their loved ones off to school or back to work, it’s a perfect last few weeks to really cherish the time you have with the ones you care about.

  • Enjoy

Indulge, enjoy, take pride, and soak in the sun.  Take every opportunity you can to go outside and bask in the sunshine!  When you’re all bundled up in December dreaming of Summer over your latte, you’ll be happy you did! 🙂

I wish you all a great end of summer!

With love,