Style Sunday: Your Soul’s Role

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I’ve been on the hunt for good, comfortable, sustainable & stylish Yoga clothes for ages.  Even though I practice in the comfort of my own home (and honestly, I’m not the biggest clothes person – if you know what I mean), that only goes so far when you’re traveling and still need to do some healthy routines, and can’t really do so in your skivvies or your birthday suit! 😉Image

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Photographed in: Endemico,  Mexico

Photographer: Kris Rodammer

Shirt, Shorts & Headband: Soul Role

 Rings: Hunter Gatherer

Necklace: iamto’b

Soul Role, a Hawaiian based Organic & Sustainable, Eco-Friendly apparel company, was kind enough to make me some custom-fit Yoga attire – including two pairs of shorts (in black & brown), 2 headbands (for those Bikram days) & a super comfortable and flexible shirt!  I’m really in love with how wearable, comfortable and just plain CUTE they are!!   They’re also made in a sun & wind powered studio off the grid in Hawaii!  How cool is that?!  You can feel the Aloha in every stitch! 🙂

This has really gotten me into a wonderful “Sun Salutation” routine in the morning, where I do long breathing exercises on top of squats and lunges!  I feel much better, can breathe better after only two weeks of a consistent routine, and my behind feels… well… firm! Sometimes you just need the right clothes to get you in the mood to change your whole life!  Who knew? 🙂

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