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 The moment you become miserly you are closed to the basic phenomenon of life: expansion, sharing. The moment you start clinging to things, you have missed the target–you have missed. Because things are not the target, you, your innermost being, is the target–

not a beautiful house,

but a beautiful you;

not much money, but a rich you;

not many things, but an open being, available to millions of things.

― Osho

Happy Style Sunday & Happy Father’s Day!

I sent mine a bi-coastal Edible Arrangements (Addressed to: The Best Dad Ever of course), sent a card over a few days ago and got a call in today.  I miss my family like crazy lately, by golly!




I absolutely adore this super sustainable, super wearable, handmade, cool as cucumber piece called Red Light Rocked from Love + Leather!

What a statement piece!

There are endless ways to style it and make it wearable!  I think all of the Love + Leather pieces are really fashion-forward and beautiful!  You can tell that lots of love and dedication was put into them by self-taught jewelry guru and stunner Renee Tobias.  Check out all the different ways to rock yours here!

photo 2


I hope you are all having a wonderful day full of light and love & appreciation!

The bare photos were taken by Kris Rodammer in Endemico, Mexico at the Eco-Friendly Endemico Hotel.

Styled were taken by Rian James in Los Angeles, California.

Thank you very much.

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