A Gift For You + Weekend Vibes

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TGIF, guys, amirite?

Seriously, this week has both flown by and also been one of the longest weeks of my life!

Hands down!

So much to do, so little summer time left!

My birthday is also in a few weeks, and T’s birthday is just a week after that. SO we’re in Virgo scramble planning mode. Despite some of our last minute planning (just some!), I have some gifts for him that I can’t wait to share with him – or you guys! Stay tuned! 🙂

Speaking of gifts, I have a gift for you guys this weekend too!

A 20% off gift card to our store: just enter code STAYWEIRD at checkout, and enjoy any of our healthy products!

The special ends on Monday, so take advantage this weekend!


I’ll be spending this weekend working on the finishing touches of my Cured by Nature workshop. If you’re in LA, don’t forget to stop by and join us! You can reserve your ticket [here]! Here’s what some of our amazing attendees said about the last workshop:

“Tara is an author, entrepreneur, blogger and boss babe! I was fortunate enough to attend her last speaking engagement and she is incredible!! Her Cured by Nature workshop is so inspiring and empowering. Tara shares stories of her powerful journey that are captivating and encouraging. If you’re in the LA area, I definitely recommend attending this event and picking up a copy of her book, Cured By Nature!!” -Ashley, Ashleys Organics

“I am so happy I stopped by Tara’s event at Wanderlust Hollywood! [Tara] tapped into parts of my learned beliefs and behaviors that I had never even thought of before. She helped me in finding old patterns I was stuck on and gave me the tools I needed to move through them and into healthier patterns. I apply something I learned here each and every day! I highly recommend this workshop!” -Mary K, Soul of Yoga

“Tara’s story – and the lessons shes learned from her life – are incredible. I laughed… I cried… I walked away transformed.” -Michael, Photographer

I can’t wait to bring this workshop back to Wanderlust!

It’s the last one of the year, so don’t miss out! See you there! xx