Can you REALLY be cured by nature?

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I sat down to chat the popular Soulfeed podcast to show you how you can use nature to take back control of your life. SoulFeed is an iTunes rated ‘Top Podcast’ designed for you transform, take charge, and master your career, relationships, and life. When you need inspiration, a spiritual workout, or a shift in perspective, they’re there for you.

From nearly two dozen pills every morning to quitting cold turkey, to now inspiring the world with her new book, Tara is living proof that anything is possible.

Awwwwww. Shucks, guys.

In this podcast we explore why modern medical professionals will tell you to take medication, how to stop labeling yourself, how to heal from the inside out, and what natural secrets nature holds to help you heal.



You can catch the full interview on iTunes or Soundcloud!

I had a lot of fun talking about my favorite subject – and I hope you enjoy our open discussion!

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