Soothe Your Aches and Pains with Born Skincare (15% discount code!)

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When I finally met Gloria, the Founder of Born Skincare, a few weeks ago at Yoga Journal, I could not hug her tightly or praise her products enough. I mean, it was fan girl central. I LOVE her products! I mean LOVE.

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The beautiful Gloria’s journey into the natural product world started a lot like mine, when Gloria’s brother was diagnosed with cancer.  Even though this incredible message behind the products really speaks to my heart, that’s not the only reason I love Born Skincare.  It’s also not just because they’ve helped my skin tremendously (although this post will prove they have!) Not just because they’re made with 100% amazing, organic ingredients and love with great intention. Not just because I use Born Skincare each and every day.

I almost hugged Gloria to death because her products have literally saved my life.

Let me elaborate…

If you remember from this post, I suffer from a severe case of scoliosis and arthritis. How does this translate in real life? Well, essentially, it means my back is full of excruciating knots. My muscles often feel like cracking bones, or like someone has stuck a knife in them and is turning it over and over. Not pretty. Doesn’t make life happy. Feels not so good.

All of this I manage with yoga, herbs, and meditation. But recently, my lower back just… went out. I had never really understood what this meant until the morning a few weeks ago when I woke up, threw the covers over to get out of bed, and couldn’t move. The pain was totally excruciating. It was beyond what I had ever felt.  And it was really, really inconvenient.  Moving is really, really crucial to my job.  I couldn’t even begin to start getting out of bed, never mind beginning a yoga practice that may ever promise to help me move.  I was so upset.


First, I charged my Source for Muscles from Born Skincare on my crystals & quartz charging plate from Hood x Hippie.   It promotes love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.  I extend this mantra to myself as well as others before applying the oil.  This helps to energize the oils with good, healthy intentions as well as acclimate it to my energy before applying it to help my pain.



Along with my yoga practice, herbs and daily affirmations, I need something topical and natural to combat the inflammation. That’s where The Source for Muscles comes in like a knight in shining armor!


With a pure muscadine oil base (this oil is incredible for your skin!) The Source for Muscles perfect to use anywhere from your achey muscles to your sore neck or anywhere you get aches and pains. It also combats the kind of severe inflammation that can leave you bedridden, as I was.


I literally use this oil every time my back acts up. I apply it directly to the sore spot and rub it in gently. It’s jam packed with Eucalyptus and Menthol, which make up the ancient healing ingredients in this pretty powerhouse. Eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory and analgesic affects, acting as a numbing agent as well as relieving the pain, inflammation and soreness in my muscles.


It’s also a decongestant, making it great for your chest if you feel a cold coming on as well. Menthol is a peppermint with a pungent but refreshing flavor that serves as another amazing anti-inflammatory agent in The Source for Muscles. It also works as a relief from tension headaches, nausea and pms symptoms. Gloria’s sourcing is so pure and feels incredible when applied to the skin!


When I applied The Source for Muscles to my lower back for 2 straight days, I could finally begin to move enough again to begin my yoga practice again!  It was nothing short of miraculous!  I can’t say enough good things about this incredible combinations of oils and herbs.  I will never be without it!  Within 48 hours of using this on my inflammation I was back in action – totally safe and good to go – as long as my trusty Source for Muscles was by my side!

Now that I’m feeling better, I still give The Source for Muscles a good rub down on sore muscles and aches and pains after a good workout or my yoga practice.

Gloria is offering a 15% discount on The Source for Muscles this week with coupon code ORGANICLIFE at checkout!

Take advantage of this awesome deal while it lasts!

With love,