“My Health Story: Then VS Now” with San Diego Lifestyle

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Hey guys! I sat down with Amanda from The San Diego Lifestyle to chat about my health journey, running a business, trusting your inner gut and healing from the inside – out! We talked about my inspiration behind getting healthy, plus went through a whole day of what I do now to stay healthy and keep it up. I know you guys are really going to love and connect with this one, so I’ll give you a little quote from it before we jump right into the full shabang:

“Anyone who’s willing to take a pill you’re kind of already at a breaking point and you’re willing to trust whatever. I was at a breaking point. I took ALL the anti-anxiety medications, ALL the painkillers, ALL the opioids and they didn’t help me. Then that realization happened: this was not the answer. I didn’t want to numb out. I wanted to live my best life!”

Catch the full interview here: