Scents That Transcend (Christy Organics Review + Coupon Code)

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My hunt for natural perfume has come to a screeching halt, because I’ve found my holy grail natural scents, and I’m totally obsessed with them!



Christy Organics comes in three gorgeous scents, formulated with jojoba oil base and essential oils that mix with your body chemistry to create a unique scent that changes over time and is absolutely yours.  The Founder, Christina, comes from three generations of herbalists and natural medical practioners!  And she looks like it!  See if you can tell her apart from her daughter in this rare – and adorable – personal photo she posted recently on instagram!  I mean, really, who is the teenager?!  If only we were all so lucky! 🙂


These perfumes are made in small batches with 100% natural (and vegan!) ingredients, like Rose Geranium, Francinsence, Clove and Patchoulli. They smell slightly different on everybody (I tested this on some friends!), which is one of my favorite things about Christy Organics!


I’ve been carrying them with me everywhere for an extra boost of aromatherapy and added natural perfume.  I apply some under my nose and to the ends of my hair for extra whiffs throughout the day! I love these golden beauties, and start by applying them to my wrists, neck and behind my ears. So far, Abundance is my favorite, with Satisfaction coming in a close second.



Abundance is a sexy, warm, spicy, earthy scent that’s both woodsy and uplifting. Pink grapefruit, rose geranium and frankincense make this alluring fragrance exotic and great for date nights.


Satisfaction is a comforting, refreshing, smoky scent with notes of Vanilla and Nutmeg. Great for every day, work parties, or even as a gift for your man, I find Satisfaction to be a real treat for the senses.


The gorgeous Urbane can’t be understated! I use this before bed for a mystical, sleepy feeling that’s completely luxurious! Helychrysum, French lavender and sandalwood make this a great scent for the inner gypsy or hippie in us all. It reeks of warm, comforting lavender tea with a natural floral undertone.

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It’s so important to go natural with your perfumes, as our body absorbs over 75% of what we put onto it! Christy Organics is a great way to get there!