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The colors, Duke! The coloorrrsss!
Who remembers that trippy late 90’s commercial? (You just clicked on the actor who was in the commercial’s youtube! You’re welcome!) Anyway, I can’t help but think of it every time I try a Red Apple Lipstick.

Probably the most common question I get asked from girls switching over from conventional makeup to green makeup is that they are terrified of leaving their highly pigmented, long lasting colors behind – specifically, their MAC lipsticks.

 What brand should you turn to to replace the many highly saturated, gorgeous shades found in MAC + it’s sister’s? Find out + enter for your chance to win $100 store credit!




Lip liner colors!

seconddate SOPINKINCUTE starlette

MAC uses concerning ingredients, especially for something you’re going to put on your lips every day. They are one of the brands that tested positive for lead levels, included with well-respected national brands such as L’Oreal, Revlon, Dior, Avon, and Cover Girl. (Five of the ten most contaminated lipsticks were manufactured by L’Oreal USA, fyi.)

However, I didn’t want to give up my lipstick when I switched to green beauty. I just adore lipstick. It can be all you need if you do it right – and safely! Just a dab of lipstick in the morning and you don’t even need mascara or any other makeup. It’s such a quick, beautiful way to feel elegant and dress up your face!

So if you’re looking to duplicate them out – and dupe your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend and family while you’re at it – you’re a Red Apple Girl!

My love for Red Apple Lipstick is no secret, but I was surprised at how long it’s been since I last blogged about them (it was actually – looking back – just a few days before my Dad passed away, so upon further inspection I am proud of myself for blogging at all! I digress…) These gorgeous lipsticks from their Holiday Collection are a great place to start.  They’re not drying at all and have gorgeus pigmentation! Each one compliments my face in an entirely different way and looks stunning, as well as lasts all day long! I always get compliments when I wear them out.

My personal favorites are dark, deep After Hours (a 100% match to MAC’s Boyfriend Stealer), So Pinkin’ Cute and Second Date. I cannot get over how beautiful the colors are! I always take a second to really stop, look and appreciate all the hard work that goes into making something this gorgeous with totally clean ingredients, lots of love and tons of attention. Red Apple Lipstick has the best customer service of any company in this space that you will ever experience – trust me! They’re highly dedicated team is always there to answer any questions and treat everyone like family!

They’re always striving to make women feel beautiful. With gluten free, natural, paraben free choices like this, why would you ever go back to… what was it again? Oh right. Lead.

For me, I always tend towards a super matte or sparkly pink or a bold red.  I got lot of love on After Hours on instagram the other day. Why thank you! Makes me feel sexay, too!

We know there’s different strokes for different folks (or… different shades for different… spades? Maids? I’ll come back to that one 😉 )

That’s why today, we’re giving you the chance to win $100 in Red Apple Lipstick store credit!


Click here to enter! That’s it – super simple!

Stay well and stay beautiful, loves!