Heal Your Skin & Get A Killer Glow With This Detox Pumpkin Face Mask

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GUYS – it’s National Pumpkin Day! I mean, is there anything better to get you in the fall, Halloween spirit than a national holiday dedicated exclusively to pumpkins?! A lot of people don’t realize that pumpkins can be used for more than just carving, eating and decorating. Pumpkin is extremely healing and beneficial for the skin! It’s high in anti-oxidants and Vitamins like A and C, which are perfect for giving us an inner and outer glow as well as regenerating our skin (and are also extremely costly in products offered at the store!) Why pay the big bucks when you have these ingredients in your own house this month?

On Monday, I shared my favorite organic DIY Beauty Recipes on PIX11 Morning News in NYC. We had a ton of fun, and one of the hosts got to experience the genuine effects of how amazing (and delicious!) The Detox Pumpkin Mask can be. Check it out [here] and join in on the fun!


You can also easily do this recipe at home and make your own detoxifying pumpkin face mask. Here’s how- from my kitchen to yours!


? 1 tablespoon of activated charcoal
? 1 tablespoon of french green clay
? 1 squirt of lemon
? 2 tablespoons of pumpkin or organic pumpkin puree

+Pro Tip: Add a few drops of honey for dry skin, or apple cider vinegar for oily skin.

?‍ Add ingredients to a bowl

? Whisk together thoroughly until it is a muddy texture

?‍‍ Apply to face, allow to dry for 10-15 mins

? Rinse with cool water. Greet your glowing skin!

Happy National Pumpkin Day! Now go celebrate!! 🙂