5 Positive Things You Can Do To Process This Week

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That’s the #1 word that’s been going through my mind this week.

I know I’m not alone.

We were so, so close. So close to molding the backbone of a legendary, progressive society. So close to gaining immense validation as women. So close to progressing towards a cleaner, healthier nation. So close to setting an incredible example for every young girl in the world. So close to fulfilling our destiny as Americans: Liberty and Justice for all. Not Liberty and Justice for some. Not Liberty and Justice for billionaires. Not Liberty and Justice for old white men. Liberty and Justice for all.

That’s what’s so upsetting to me this week. That’s what gives me pause in the morning. That’s what stops me in my tracks where I finally feel like I’ve moved past the disappointment. I catch my breath and it won’t come all the way in. And there’s that thought again. FUCK.

I don’t feel the need to repeat each and every thing he’s done or said. I don’t feel that it adds to the discussion to point out who has endorsed his campaign – and why. And I don’t particularly like pointing out how frightening and life changing (for ALL of us) that this Presidency could be once he starts assigning people with a similar agenda onto the The Supreme Court. I will call it hate rhetoric, because that’s all it has been for 18 months. And you know what the scariest part to me is?

The racism, the misogyny, the old boy’s club, the careless speech, the hateful rhetoric. We’ve rewarded all of it. We’ve empowered them.

When our President-elect (I can still barely type it and I can’t say his name) was asked this week if he felt that his campaign had gone too far at any point, he simply replied, “No. We won.”



If you’ve ever been denied an opportunity for any reason when you truly deserved it, you’ve felt deep emotional pangs this week.

If you feel threatened by the idea of going backwards as a nation, you’re familiar with this sweeping, sinking feeling of national grief.

If you are empathetic in any way – no matter what side of politics you’re on – you’ve probably felt somewhere between angry and nauseous for at least 5 days.

It’s hard to deny the fact that The Presidency was a job Hillary Clinton was made for. A job she prepared for. A job she applied for emphatically. A job she deserved to have. It’s crushing to many of us that a man with such a hateful, thoughtless agenda would get that job over her – especially when she had the statistical support of the American people. It feels like a patriarchy. It’s difficult to wake up in the morning as a woman and actually face the implications of this nightmare. Every time I open my eyes I have to remind myself that it’s real. It’s so difficult to get up morning after morning and continue to feel worth it, when so many men (and women – 42% or more in this country who voted for this hate!) now feel empowered to look down on you. It’s disappointing to think that I could work 30 years for ANY job – never mind the most important job in the country – and not get it when I really deserved it. It’s straight up frightening.

So, if you’ve been searching to understand why so many people – especially women – feel disenfranchised, angry, and internally tortured – maybe that can shed some light. I speak for myself when I say that as an eternal optimist, this is one of the hardest weeks of my life. I have felt worse (WORSE) than when my Dad died. So please don’t marginalize us or tell us to get over it. This country was founded on fighting for what you believe to be right. And I plan to exercise that right, because so very many people died for it.

So, I have to say it. If you sympathize with any of these feelings, you’re not whining, you’re not a doomsday, bleeding heart dumb liberal. You are NOT crying “because you lost”. You are crying because you care. You’re a human being who had high hopes for the future. And this is crushing you.

Do not (I repeat – DO NOT) apologize for that. America would not be the country it was today unless people spoke their minds even when doing so was not popular. Speaking your heart is THE most American thing you can do.


“What else can we do?”

That’s been the #1 question in my inbox this week. It took me a few days to finally get some sleep, recycle all the empty wine bottles and type this without bursting into tears, but here are 5 simple things you can do today that will actually make a difference. Additionally, they’ll help you process this week in a constructive way:

Sign this petition to influence the Elector’s choice on Dec 19th to reflect the POPULAR VOTE: 

The Electoral College can actually give the White House to either candidate. So why not use this most undemocratic of our institutions to ensure a democratic result? It takes literally 2 seconds and could change your entire life.

Use this time as an exercise in Connection:

Turn off the news, do not go to any media or political websites and stay off social media as much as you can. The media lied to you. You do not owe them anything. They totally fucked you by telling you that your party “had this win”, potentially discouraging millions of people from voting because they did not feel that their voice would add anything to the outcome of the election. Literally, a pink unicorn would be more believable at this moment than the news media. They don’t deserve you or your precious time.

Don’t Lose Your Conviction

Say this sentence to everyone who questions your vote: “Hillary won the POPULAR VOTE. The MAJORITY of our fellow Americans preferred Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Our democracy should reflect that.” Period.

Healthy Disconnection:

Go outside. Connect with nature. Take a run. Pay attention to your children, your family, your puppies and kitties. Call your mom – and DON’T talk to her about politics. This is a time to connect, to feel a little small in the universe (in a good way!) and to gain some perspective. Read a new book, immerse yourself in a hot bath, get your nails done. Do something self loving that has absolutely nothing to do with TV, the media or politics. After 18 months of this bullshit, you deserve it.

Get involved:

You do not have to march in the streets to make a difference. You can make art. You can make music. You can donate (I’ve left some of the most important organizations who really need your help below). If you don’t have the money, use your creative voice. Some of the most influential people in the World are only recognized today because they stood up during a time of war or political distrust. Gandhi actually encouraged Indians to go to war for the English, despite the fact that the Indians were slaves to the English at the time. Gandhi cited that sometimes, war is the ONLY way to secure peace. Fight in whatever way you are capable of – but keep fighting and don’t give up. There are millions of us in this country and hundreds of millions throughout the world who are just as shocked and appalled as you are. This is the time to connect with them and champion human rights for all!


Please, above all, be kind to one another. Smile at strangers. Gift someone your time or a friendly ear. Create peace within and bring that peace everywhere you go. We voted for hope and change 8 years ago and we got it. This fresh unrest is proof that we got it. Keep up the momentum. Share the movement. What the world needs now is love.

Love, Health & Revolution,