Poo-Pourri Review + Giveaway!

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citru “ This stuff is awesome!” my beautiful friend Stace, a 5’10 blonde model, healthy beauty and nutritional coach, perked up at our latest trip to our local gem and hippie shop, with a bottle of lavender scented Poo-Pourri extended my way, displayed proudly in her hands. Her genuine smile wasn’t cheeky.  It wasn’t followed by a chuckle or a snicker – she was totally serious. “My roommate and I love this stuff!”

I cried out with enjoyment and bounced up and down shouting, ” Oh my god – Poo-Pourri has changed.my.life!”  I had been testing out Poo-Pourri in our house as well – to rave reviews from both myself and my guests!  She was delighted that I felt the same, but it still struck me as totally funny that my prim and proper model friend and I were talking about the most taboo girl subject of all – poop! Well, sorry guys. This is a health blog. And sometimes we gotta get right down to business! Especially when it involves healthy, natural alternatives to things we have to deal with each and every day.


I recently had a good friend visit with her two kids (under 6!) and I instructed them all to, “ Just spray this before you go!” Poo-Pourri promises to ban all odors. With natural essential oils blended into many different scents (basil, lavender vanilla and citrus are my personal favorites) it’ll make it so no one has even know you went at all!   My friends and her kids were pumped on it – and honestly, so was I! Kids.are.stinky!

pourri lav This is a must have for all Mom’s! And even though I work from home, I imagine this would be AMAZING at the office when you have a particularly large cup of coffee and would rather the entire staff didn’t have automatic lunch room banter about the state of the bathroom once you made your grand exit. Get my drift? duo poc You can win not just one – but two different scents in Citrus and Lavender Vanilla! I have an amazing Poo-Pourri giveaway box for one lucky winner.

Just enter here!

Good luck my loves.  Happy go-ing! 😉

With love,