The Organic Life Retreat on the French Polynesian Paradise Island of Huahine

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If you’ve ever had the desire to get away from it all, the perfect experience has been custom designed for you.

The island equivalent of the Garden of Eden, Huahine is an immense tropical jungle thriving with coconut plantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields. Beyond its lush landscapes and bright blooms, Huahine is also a culturally preserved sanctuary with sacred temples hidden throughout dense vegetation. Undoubtedly, this island will leave you spellbound.

The Organic Life Wellness Retreat will be held this year in November on the island of Huahine. Huahine is exceptionally green because fewer travelers frequent her sandy shores and lush hillsides than her favored counterparts, Moorea and Bora Bora. For this reason, though, Huahine has retained the alluring essence and authenticity of early Polynesia. The locals pride themselves on preserving what they genuinely believe is the most picturesque island in Tahiti; and those who visit often find that Huahine becomes their favorite island, returning again and again to find the same landscape still unchanged over time.

Lush and scarcely developed, this is an island to visit for extreme calm, communing with nature and a genuine taste of culture. There are plenty of opportunities for diving, surfing, snorkeling, exploring top-notch archaeological sites and horse riding, but the beauty of this unique paradise is just how easy it is to relax and do very little at all.

With only eight small villages scattered across the island, the few residents welcome visitors with great kindness. Not surprisingly, this fertile world offers rich soil providing the local farmers a bountiful harvest of vanilla, melons and bananas. This month I met with Ao Nui Adventures, who will be providing us with a warm, family-style welcome and accommodations throughout our stay. This 5 night experience is intimate – we are accepting less than 10 guests to stay in their own gorgeous, beach front VIP property.


  • Featured sessions on natural herbs for treating various illnesses
  • Mindful Meditations
  • Light Yoga
  • Body Connection Workshop
  • Exploring Nature in Huahine
  • Visits to local beaches, ancient meeting grounds, sacred spots
  • Lush botanical farm tour + lunch
  • VIP Boat Tour around the island of Huahine, snorkeling + swimming with reef sharks
  • BBQ Lunch on Private Island
  • Meeting the local Medicine Mama + Papa and learning ancient healing secrets
  • Tasting the local liquer store
  • Swimming
  • Hiking to lush overlooks
  • Healing through organic, wild caught, raw + native foods
  • Organic fruit and vegetable farm visit – learn how the people of Huahine make their own bio-diesel – naturally!
  • Learning about how the people preserve their native culture + habitat
  • Plus other exciting activities that will deeply connect you to this once in a lifetime experience!

The Huahine 5 nights package includes:


  • Daily buffet breakfast at your hotel
  • Daily lunch and dinner included provided by MFR Huahine (optional to dine on your own as well but at your own additional expenses)
  • Special lei welcomed greeting at the airport in Huahine by MFR Huahine
  • Exclusive authentic cultural experience to all attendees of The Organic Life provided by MFR Huahine
  • Free water activities at the hotel


(The actual bungalow, beach and room where you will be staying! ^^ More photos of your stay and accommodations here.)


  • Round trip coach airfare from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti via Air Tahiti Nui
  • Round trip coach airfare from Papeete, Tahiti to Huahine via Air Tahiti
  • Round trip airport transfers to your hotel in Huahine
  • Five (5) nights at the Relais Mahana Huahine in a garden bungalow (upgrade to Lagoon or Beach Bungalow available)*
  • Hotel taxes are included except the required city tax of $2 per person per night payable at the hotel upon checkout
  • Airlines taxes are NOT included as subject to change until ticketed.


  • Air Tahiti Nui departing Los Angeles on NOVEMBER 10TH, 2017 at 11:40pm, arriving in Tahiti at 5:30am on NOVEMBER 11TH, 2017
  • Air Tahiti Nui departing Tahiti on NOVEMBER 16TH, 2017 at 11:45pm, arriving in Los Angeles at 11:00am on NOVEMBER 17TH, 2017


Included in your price is your roundtrip flight, travel, ride to your room to and from the airport, 5 nights of your room, board, bungalow, daily meals, drinks, beauty products and gift bags! You will come away relaxed with a one of a kind, life changing wellness experience.

$2990 per person based on double occupancy. *You may also upgrade to lagoon bungalow – add $100 additional per person. Or add $200 per person for beach bungalow, based on double occupancy.

We also accept payment through payment plans, so you don’t have to pay the entire cost all at once! This can make it way more affordable, especially if you start now.

This trip is a major steal! In comparison, this retreat is roughly 1/4 of the price you would normally pay for a roundtrip flight, 5 night (6 day!) stay and accommodation in Huahine. However, you will receive so much more than a much needed paradise vacation. This is an immersive wellness experience that is designed to remind you of your connection to the earth. Since we are being hosted by a family who is so closely connected with the island, there will be a familial and welcoming feel to the retreat that is not only invaluable – it is otherwise unobtainable.

Plus – there is no pressure! I want each guest to do exactly what they are lead to do by their heart. Not only will we be getting back to our natural roots, we’ll be learning to listen to our body as well as our minds!

The spell cast by Huahine will last a lifetime. First timers will love the welcoming hospitality of the locals and the absolute serenity of the island’s natural surroundings. Mystical, captivating and alluring, Huahine is admittedly one of the more beautiful islands in French Polynesia.

I’m so excited to see you there! Spots are filling up quickly! If you’re interested, BOOK NOW!