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Welcome, children. 

To a tale of Lookbook Collaboration so beautiful, so unbelievable, so cross-continental and amazing and hopeful that you’re sure to stay for the very last photo!  So gather round – you’re in for a good one!

An embarrassingly long time ago, Elisabeth Donaldson, Creator and Designer at Monarch Clothing (and a beautiful girl/soul to boot!), sent me over two absolutely fabulous gowns to model and art direct and take some photos in.  These pieces were so exquisite, so decadent and so wonderful, and I felt so privileged to have them to make art with, that I immediately (and in a few different locations) did so.  Three or four times, actually.

The problem was, something always happened.  Either the photos didn’t vibe with me, or they were meant to be tests and didn’t “capture” the dresses, and my final photos with a photographer whoisnottobenamed just never made their way to my inbox. 🙁

I was extremely frustrated, and sending them back with nothing to show for the kindness of receiving them or not making something happen and have something for Elisabeth was not an option in my book!  I KNEW that I could do these dresses justice and make something we could all be proud of.  So I reached out to Elisabeth about my issues.

Elisabeth is in Nashville, TN,

and I am in Los Angeles, CA.

So I never, in a million years, expected what happened next.

She, being the brilliant art fairy that she is, said, ” You should shoot with my amazing friend Alex Lake.  He’s also in LA!

She put me in touch with this versatile and talented man, and one or two e-mails later, Alex was at my house, which also serves as my studio (click for photos), setting his gear and backdrops up, as I touched up my makeup and tried my best to not let my hair fall flat in my bathroom.  🙂

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.06.09 PM

We had a blast shooting this stuff!  I mean so much fun that I didn’t even mind the 39523592 degree weather, and Alex didn’t seem to mind trekking everywhere – we started in my house, then went up to the mountains, then found a quiet little spot by my pad where we captured most of the set you’ll find here, entitled “Over The Meadow And Through The Woods“.

We got to shoot BOTH the dresses, in different places, and it was great fun working with Alex, as well as totally amazing how everything came together in the end!  I really, really had a great time making these photos.  With the added versatility of the Gardens of Whimsy flower crown, I felt like a little wood nymph all day, and Alex was so sweet and kind about shooting everything!  It was really, really nice to have met the way we did, why we did, through a mutual friend like Elisabeth!


(even Raelie was patient and happy about it – albeit a little jealous that my attention was elsewhere)

As an aside, all of Monarch Clothing’s pieces are customizable – so if you’re not super petite like myself, no worries!  Elisabeth is very friendly, and very happy to accommodate! 🙂  This girl just loves making beautiful things!

Since WP condenses images, definitely be sure to click the Final Photos below for their hi-res versions!!!

Even though it’s called OVER, we definitely got Out of the Meadow AND Through the Woods on this project! 🙂








A big thanks to Elisabeth and Alex for helping me make this happen!

And to Gardens of Whimsy for the flower crown!

Part 2 / Dress 2 Coming Soon!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported me on Kickstarter after my last post!

We are going strong! 🙂

Love & Light


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