How To Do Natural Makeup | 10 “No-Makeup” Transition Tips:

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Skin is in! These days, the trend is all about showing up with a fresh faced glow and letting your natural beauty take center stage. This allows your skin to breathe and you can worry less about touching yourself up throughout the day. These simple steps are easy and quick to do before you head out the door on your next lunch date, hike, meeting – the possibilities are endless!

  • Prep Your Skin:

Keep your skin healthy by using this Organic Matcha Scrub to exfoliate. It buffs away bumps and flakes for smooth, soft skin. This highly caffeinated scrub increases circulation for a healthy, glowing complexion.

  • Go As Makeup Free As Possible:

ANY time you have downtime, take your makeup off. The moment you get in the door of your home, this should be your first step. Also, wait until the last possible moment to put it on in the first place. This helps a LOT, so it’s not just sitting on your face and clogging your pores for no reason all day long.

  • Get Supportive Makeup:

Get makeup that supports your transition! If you feel you MUST wear foundation or coverup (the hardest things to give up for me, personally), find products that support your skin instead of disrupting it. I’ve been loving 100% Pure’s 2nd Skin Foundation recently. It is a liquid formula with a beautiful matte finish -and it matches up to my skin tone perfectly. It’s basically a tinted face oil that performs like makeup! It has amazing ingredients for your skin, such as olive oil, honeysuckle, apricot, peach extracts – powerful antioxidants that hydrate your skin as you wear it.

  • A Little Highlight Goes A Long Way:

You certainly don’t have to give up EVERYTHING! Hydrate your skin! Stay healthy. A dab of Waxelene on the cheeks and forehead is a must for me! Only 4 organic, healing ingredients that keep your skin happy all day long.

  • Brush Your Brows:

I cannot believe how effortless and impressive this little trick is! Use an eyebrow brush to brush some organic oil or organic balm through your brows. This cleans up your overall look and actually helps your eyebrows to grow! I love this eyebrow growth serum from Province Apothecary.

  • LASHES!!!

I cannot stress how important healthy lashes are! They make you look awake and young. If yours JUST WON’T GROW, I recommend investing in lash extensions. I have a post coming on this VERY soon, but let me just say: lash extensions have totally changed my life! My girl Emily does mine in San Diego and I don’t know how I ever lived without them! She’s the best of the best – there are SO many people in the business who don’t know what they’re doing, but Emily is an absolute pro. I won’t let anyone near my eyes with a mascara wand, but I let her individually do my lashes. So amazing! Truly, you’ll feel like a goddess! Great lashes are like a natural, surgery free face lift! Totally safe, long lasting and someone always compliments me when I get them done. Trust me – you won’t NEED makeup if your lashes are fleeking! If extensions aren’t your thing, just a few swipes of healthy mascara or use a cute lash curler.

  • Get Your Glow On:

A great highlighter always brings your no makeup look together. You can still look fresh faced without caking anything onto your face! An illuminator gives a candlelit glow anywhere it is applied – nose, forehead, above your cheeks and in the corners of the eyes are my go-to spots!

  • BB Cream or Bust:

Just because you’re not wearing makeup, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your skin! Keep skin hydrated with a BB or CC cream that’s designed to give you a glow as well as plump your skin. I love this organic tinted moisturizer. This formula performs as a rich moisturizer, an effective sunblock and light makeup for all skin types. This lightweight cream also works as an effective primer or alone as a protective moisturizer – delivering a natural glow with a smooth, comfortable finish.

  • Freshen Up Your Smile:

A great smile goes a long way! Honestly, when my girl friends have a great smile and a positive attitude, I hang out with them all night long and often don’t even notice that they’re not wearing a stitch of makeup. A white smile keeps your face looking youthful and healthy. I love to do a coconut oil pull each day, followed by brushing with David’s and using a natural charcoal whitener for my teeth. They’ve never been whiter or looked better! I recently shared more tips to getting a great smile {here}.

  • Lip Love

Just because your face needs a break, doesn’t mean your lips do! Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized. This is my absolute very favorite organic lip balm (also the cheapest and best performing!), but there are so. many. amazing. choices. I also do a lip scrub once a week to keep my lips fresh, plump and exfoliated.

Have you tried the “no makeup” look or transition? Would love to hear from you:

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