A Vulnerable Conversation About My Health

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When you meet a soul sister, often you know it instantly.

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with the incredible Nitika Chopra, and the kinship was immediate! Within minutes I knew I had met my match in self-love sisterhood: Nitika is a beautiful, charismatic, upbeat soul. She’s knowledgeable, raw and real. Our first conversation was filled with a-ha moments and lots of laughs. I knew I had found not just a new friend, but also a powerful force in Nitika. Can you say girl crush?

It turns out that Nitika and I have faced a lot of the same health issues, and as we explored our respective life journeys together, a light bulb went off. We HAD to share this conversation with you guys!

So, we decided to join forces and bring you a candid conversation, chock full of all the good stuff – truth, vulnerability, our health stories and the secrets of making it through your worst times and living your most authentic life!

FYI – we both share a few details that we haven’t shared before.

In this video, you’ll learn if medication is the right approach for you, or if maybe you’re biologically designed for a more natural approach. You’ll also learn why you may struggle with your health and what you can do to be proactive about wellness! We hope this video inspires you or is at the very least helpful for anyone experiencing something similar.

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